Wex tries to develop feeling of phenomena

Vincent White
Staff Writer

Biology and Oceanic Science teacher Andrew Wex is a teacher of many interests. In his teaching, he works to cultivate a feeling of phenomena to engage and intrigue his students.

“Phenomena is something that happens that’s maybe not totally obvious at first and not easily explainable, but when you dig a little deeper it’s incredibly interesting,” Wex said.

Wex hasn’t always pursued teaching, in fact he originally went to school for research science. “After doing it for a while, I realized I’m a more social creature and research in isolation doesn’t really fit my personality,” Wex said.

He got into teaching through one of his side jobs. He was a security guard, sent to a middle school for a week. The vice principal of the school told Wex that he had a good rapport with kids, and asked if he had considered going into education.

“So then I investigated, I substitute taught for year, then I came out here to get my Masters. I got a job in Sandy in 2005 and I never looked back,” Wex said.

And clearly, that aforementioned rapport still stands. “He gives us lots of opportunities to have fun. This year we have done the most group projects and lab experiments than any of the other science classes I’ve been in,” sophomore Abby Lemmer stated. But while education and science are certainly a passion for Wex, he also loves music.

“I’ve been singing since I was six or seven and playing instruments since I was 10 or 11. I’ve been in a multitude of bands in my lifetime, but now due to my grown-up job, I can really only commit myself to one big show a year,” Wex explained.

This show happened the weekend of Valentine’s Day with his band Bleeding Hearts Ball (the name in honor of Valentine’s day), and it was “smashing” according to Wex. These shows are for charity, and this year they raised roughly $1,500.

While all of this is exciting, Wex is focused on one major thing this year and that’s the birth of his first child. This will in turn lead to paternity leave, around the middle of May.

 “I’m excited to have a new experience, which would be first time dad. This is something I wouldn’t miss for the world,” he said.

Wex is held in high regard among his students, and never ceases to insert his personal interests into his work in a way that makes it entertaining and engaging.

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