Sandy grad starts Mt. Hood Pet Resort

Brooke WomackSports Editor Most people find their first job at fast food places or work for their parents, but former SHS student Samantha Frickey found her first job at the Mt. Hood Pet Resort. Frickey found work at the Pet Resort back in 2016, right after she had graduated high school. “It was my firstContinue reading “Sandy grad starts Mt. Hood Pet Resort”

Rotzien balances work with school obligations

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Walking around the school, people of all sorts can be seen. Some of them love people, some are introverts. Some watch movies and some prefer books. There are a lot of differences, but one that the majority of students are going to do in their four years in high school is getContinue reading “Rotzien balances work with school obligations”

Youth pastor Develis overcomes difficult childhood

Jake OeckStaff Writer “Child Protection Services got involved when I was eight years old.  They pulled me and my brother out of the home because of the drug abuse and the fact that my mom’s boyfriend was abusive,” Jerayl Develis said, “Even just growing up was hard since we were poor and because of thingsContinue reading “Youth pastor Develis overcomes difficult childhood”

Niska helps community with grieving process

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief Death is a scary reality that everyone will eventually have to deal with, whether it be the loss of a loved one or facing death themselves. Planning funeral arrangements is stressful, but there are professionals like Paula Niska to help. Loving people through the hardship and struggles of death is what drives funeralContinue reading “Niska helps community with grieving process”

DeJong teaches and travels internationally

Gillian MoorePhoto Editor It was 2001, in Budapest, Hungary. In a classroom a third of the size you’re in now sat students from all over the world eager to learn from one American teacher.  Social studies teacher Todd DeJong was that teacher.  After five years teaching at Sandy High School, he took a year leaveContinue reading “DeJong teaches and travels internationally”

Sturman works to keep SHS in ship shape

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Walking into the lunchroom you will find clean tables, newly changed trash cans, and floors that don’t stick to your feet. This is what most would expect from a newly constructed school and most think nothing of it. But if you’ve ever left some trash on the lunch table or crumbs onContinue reading “Sturman works to keep SHS in ship shape”

Custodian Joe Todd has rock and roll past

Nerisa OlomuaStaff Writer Expressing his love for music since childhood, Sandy High School janitor Joe Todd has been playing the drums since his father started teaching him at the age of 2. Musicians run in Todd’s family, “so it was kind of a natural thing to get into music,” he said. Todd’s passion for musicContinue reading “Custodian Joe Todd has rock and roll past”

Foutz makes connections with students as ‘Mrs. Crystal’

Makayla BogleStaff Writer With warning of a big earthquake coming soon, preschoolers in Head Start herded under desks chaotically. The two substitute teachers at the time panicked at the sound of the intercom, doing all that they could to lighten the mood while keeping students safe. After a long while of waiting, they began toContinue reading “Foutz makes connections with students as ‘Mrs. Crystal’”

Grasle climbs, dances through life outside of school

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor If you ask students at Sandy High School if they know who Sadie Grasle is most students will describe her as a fun science teacher. Beyond that not many know who she really is as a person and what her life consists of outside of school.  Grasle has been teaching at SHSContinue reading “Grasle climbs, dances through life outside of school”

Berglund moves from elementary education to SHS librarian

Laila RamirezA&E Editor As a librarian and media specialist, Dana Berglund has many roles and responsibilities to fill. Many involve supporting students academically and helping them navigate literature.  “I’m here to work with students on all kinds of resources like finding the book that’s right for them, or the digital resource that’s appropriate for them,Continue reading “Berglund moves from elementary education to SHS librarian”