Nava’s culture helps her persevere

Gillian MoorePhoto Editor Along the beautiful coast of Acapulco, Mexico, there was a three-year-old adventuring out in the soft current of the Pacific Ocean. Unknowingly heading for a deep dip in the sea, his uncle swam out and saved him from the drop off. That was Jesse Nava’s uncle, in her hometown where she learnedContinue reading “Nava’s culture helps her persevere”

Caraveo shows unique sense of fashion

Makayla BogleStaff Writer  “In general, the things that I do, say, and people I hang out with are unorthodox, so style makes me feel comfortable. I’m usually not thinking about how I will be perceived when I’m getting dressed. It’s not necessarily an effort to look cool or nice for school,” senior Eli Caraveo said.Continue reading “Caraveo shows unique sense of fashion”

Bliesner experiences life through music

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, people became confined to their houses with emotions of fear and anger, but music offered an escape from all the hardships senior Grace Bliesner faced.  “I really found escapes in music over quarantine, it’s a way to mix up your day when it feels like everyContinue reading “Bliesner experiences life through music”

Track athletes switch to golf for spring season

Gillian MoorePhoto Editor In previous years, participating in track and field was a no-brainer for spring athletes.  But, recently, things have changed. This year, golf has become a popular sport to play for some. Due to staffing changes, some students’ spring sports preference has changed. “The main reason I wanted to do golf more wasContinue reading “Track athletes switch to golf for spring season”

Athletes work through playing in back-to-back seasons

Brooke WomackSports Editor Athletes love playing sports.  They love the feeling of winning and working hard.  Some athletes like it so much that they never take a day off.   As we switch to the spring season there are many athletes that deal with the cross over from their winter sports. “For me, I haven’t reallyContinue reading “Athletes work through playing in back-to-back seasons”

Winter sports teams wrap up seasons

Pioneer Press Staff With the exception of the snowboarding team, all winter sports have wrapped up their seasons. Here is a quick rundown of the results. WrestlingThe wrestling team took 11 wrestlers to the state tournament after finishing second at the district meet held at SHS on Feb. 18-19. Junior Nate Shea (285 lbs.), sophomoreContinue reading “Winter sports teams wrap up seasons”

Is the U.S. getting bored with the Olympics?

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer The Olympics, it’s meant to be a grandiose world-wide event, incorporating athletes from all of the major nations to come and compete for their country’s honor, it’s a Greek competition gone haywire. It’s a pretty simple concept and for decades people have been eating it up. Divided into the Summer and lessContinue reading “Is the U.S. getting bored with the Olympics?”

Spring sports teams begin practices

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor As the warm weather is slowly approaching, spring are sports starting up once more. Athletes are excited about the upcoming sports season as it appears it will be to be a close-to-normal season this spring. Spring sports include baseball, softball, golf, track and field, and tennis. Various regulations and changes happened duringContinue reading “Spring sports teams begin practices”

Skiers compete at State; Logan places sixth

Nicole WrightStaff Writer After months on the slopes, the ski team went to State last week. Senior Jack Logan led SHS, placing sixth in the individual combined. The boys team was 10th. Logan took eighth in slalom and 11th in giant slalom. Sophomore Dominic Pizzo was 38th in the combined. In the girls combined, juniorContinue reading “Skiers compete at State; Logan places sixth”

Snowboarders compete at State this week

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Snowboarders are preparing themselves to take on State March 9-12 in four different events, Banked Slalom, Boardercross, Slope-style and Halfpipe.  Although the list of students to qualify has not been released yet, most riders have a good idea if they will be competing or not. State participants are chosen based on scoresContinue reading “Snowboarders compete at State this week”