Variety of morning drinks is a must for students

Nicole WrightStaff Writer For many high school students, stopping for a morning drink is essential on their way to school. Once that caffeine is in your system, you feel like you can take on anything. Just a single cup of coffee can change how the entire day goes for you.  Although, maybe you’re not aContinue reading “Variety of morning drinks is a must for students”

Small class sizes provide many benefits to students

Ty TildenStaff Writer Small classes are said to provide many benefits to students and teachers: stronger relationships among students and with teachers, more instruction time, less grading work for the teacher. But are classes with low enrollment really something to write home about? “You get anything under 18 and you start to have a hardContinue reading “Small class sizes provide many benefits to students”

Snow activities to try before winter season ends

Sydney GloverFeature Editor Winter may be coming to an official close on the 20th but there is still plenty of snow left on the mountain, meaning there are still new activities to try. Sure there are the well-known activities like skiing and snowboarding but there are also other, less commonly known activities.  The first activityContinue reading “Snow activities to try before winter season ends”

Review: ‘Uncharted’ another disappointing video game movie

Jake OeckStaff Editor The new film “Uncharted,” directed by Ruben Fleischer, hit the box office on Feb. 18.  The movie features a cast overflowing with big names like Antonio Banderas, Bryan Cranston, Mark Wahlberg, and yes, Tom Holland.  The premise of the movie is the hunt for Sir Frances Drake’s El Dorado treasure.  Basically, lotsContinue reading “Review: ‘Uncharted’ another disappointing video game movie”

Papa Hadyn’s a great stop for dessert

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief Papa Haydn’s is a well-known restaurant that serves delicious European desserts. They feature a menu with over 20 options ranging from German Chocolate Cake to Coconut Macaroons. The first dessert is the Passion dessert and is a must. It features small white cake layered with chocolate cake underneath. The outside of the cakeContinue reading “Papa Hadyn’s a great stop for dessert”

HBO series ‘Euphoria’ gains high viewership with teens

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor HBO’s hit series “Euphoria” has been the recent sensation as the new season is being released each week. This show has been a hot topic amongst students ever since it first premiered back in the summer of 2019.  The show was made to spread awareness on various topics that surface among teensContinue reading “HBO series ‘Euphoria’ gains high viewership with teens”

Teens focus on developing healthy lifestyles

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Going into a new year, we all want to make changes for a healthier lifestyle.  Many benefits both mentally and physically can come from working out, eating healthy and setting daily routines. Four big psychological benefits come from a healthy lifestyle, including decreased mental illness, better emotional processing, increased self-esteem and cognitiveContinue reading “Teens focus on developing healthy lifestyles”

Smaller restaurants offer big rewards in Sandy

Brooke WomackSports Editor Driving through town, Sandy is full of places to eat.  There’s everything from fast food to food carts.  However, finding a new place to eat in a town full of food can be a bit daunting. With one of Sandy’s most popular food carts, Crepes Plus closing, it’s a great time forContinue reading “Smaller restaurants offer big rewards in Sandy”

Review: ‘Spider-man: No Way Home’ leaves fans speechless

Laila RamirezStaff Writer For many Marvel fans, the release of Marvel’s “Spider-man: No Way Home”on Dec. 17 was a day to drop everything and see the first viewing of this intense, action-packed film. The 149-minute long film captured a turn and twists of events where Peter Parker and Spider-man’s worlds collide.  You don’t have toContinue reading “Review: ‘Spider-man: No Way Home’ leaves fans speechless”

Ceramics art integrated into other classes

Makayla BogleStaff Writer Sandy High School has a wide range of art classes such as graphic design courses and studio art classes that focus on plenty of different art styles. In the past, SHS’s art production program also had a ceramics class. The ceramics class is no longer in session and has not been forContinue reading “Ceramics art integrated into other classes”