‘American Horror Story’ stills delivers chills

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer As the ninth-ranked in the Rolling Stone’s “30 Best Horror TV Shows of All Time” as well as an extremely popular Netflix series, American Horror Story has been on the rise for fame over the past almost 10 years of its release.  With Halloween just around the corner, is “American Horror Story”Continue reading “‘American Horror Story’ stills delivers chills”

McMahon prepares but misses out on Mr. D

Payton LiebeltA&E Editor Nearly every year, the public sees SHS senior boys singing, dancing, and being funny for the Mr. Doernbecher pageant. What they never see, though, is the person who organizes and makes it all happen. And the answer: senior Taylor McMahon. Coming into Leadership as a freshman, McMahon had no idea what wasContinue reading “McMahon prepares but misses out on Mr. D”