Wagner will head to the Air Force next year

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Senior Joey Wagner is preparing for a big commitment in life as he is faced with graduation soon.  Many students plan out their future as they reach senior year. Some choose college, a trade school, or a gap year. However, for Wagner, his path has led him to the Air Force. “MyContinue reading “Wagner will head to the Air Force next year”

Caraveo shows unique sense of fashion

Makayla BogleStaff Writer  “In general, the things that I do, say, and people I hang out with are unorthodox, so style makes me feel comfortable. I’m usually not thinking about how I will be perceived when I’m getting dressed. It’s not necessarily an effort to look cool or nice for school,” senior Eli Caraveo said.Continue reading “Caraveo shows unique sense of fashion”

Bliesner experiences life through music

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, people became confined to their houses with emotions of fear and anger, but music offered an escape from all the hardships senior Grace Bliesner faced.  “I really found escapes in music over quarantine, it’s a way to mix up your day when it feels like everyContinue reading “Bliesner experiences life through music”

Ten are finalists for Most Outstanding Senior

The Most Outstanding Senior award is a tradition at Sandy High. The teaching staff submits nominations and the 10 students with the most nominations are the finalists. The finalists must submit an application, a transcript, an essay and undergo a live interview with the nominating committee. The winner will be announced at the commencement ceremonyContinue reading “Ten are finalists for Most Outstanding Senior”

Seniors drive-thru, log in, for graduation

Tamzyn PendletonPhoto Editor This year’s seniors, the Class of 2020, had the option to participate in a drive-thru procession of graduates on Friday, May 29. The official commencement will take place during a virtual graduation ceremony on Friday, June 12. “This year’s ceremony essentially has two parts: the drive thru ceremony and the virtual ceremony–theContinue reading “Seniors drive-thru, log in, for graduation”

Seniors leave skills to underclassmen

I, Emiko Wingren, leave my overwhelming sarcasm to Logan Lawson. I, Gwenevere Henderson, leave my awkward social skills to Peyton Bradley. I, Madison Livengood, leave my love and support to Ashley Mechew. I, Trinity Hill, leave my drive to always work really hard no matter how difficult and draining school can get to Jadelyn Hendershott. I,Continue reading “Seniors leave skills to underclassmen”

Seniors: Who is your favorite SHS teacher?

“Ms. Jumago because she helped me learn what I’m capable of pushing myself to be, has some of the coolest experiments for chemistry, and is your own personal cheerleader.” -Hayden Taylor “Mr. Davis because he’s super funny and chill and he’s just a great guy.” -Nathaniel Whipps “McG – he is absolutely the best teacherContinue reading “Seniors: Who is your favorite SHS teacher?”