Swimmers overcome lack of home pool

Brooke WomackStaff Writer Swimming can be a challenging sport to participate in at Sandy since there isn’t a pool at the high school.  In fact they have to use Barlow’s pool.   “The pool is decent.  It’s no five star facility but a pool is a pool and I’m not gonna complain when our school doesn’tContinue reading “Swimmers overcome lack of home pool”

New coach guides young boys basketball team

Brooke WomackStaff Writer This basketball season hasn’t come with much change to the rules compared to other seasons.  They have to wear masks and sanitize the balls every half but overall it’s still the same sport at the root.  This year’s basketball team, although normal in size, doesn’t have a senior filled team like lastContinue reading “New coach guides young boys basketball team”

Summer blockbusters return as Sandy Cinema re-opens

Brooke WomackStaff Writer With more and more people being vaccinated everyday, more businesses are opening back up.  One of those places is the Sandy Cinema.  This can be exciting news for movie lovers as the last time the theaters were open was March 2020. “One of the last movies I remember seeing is ‘The CallContinue reading “Summer blockbusters return as Sandy Cinema re-opens”

Grandpa’s stories illustrate fascinating life

Emmily McKinzieAssistant Editor  When Raymond Page passed away in April of 2021 he was known as a normal guy in his community, but those around him soon came to learn he was a man of many adventures; he was also my great grandpa.  Growing up, your grandpa is the one who sits you on hisContinue reading “Grandpa’s stories illustrate fascinating life”

Senior Column: Just being there for someone is the greatest gift

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  When it comes to enduring a lightning and thunderstorm, being in what is essentially a tin can could be somewhat concerning. Well my 1950’s fifth wheel I was sleeping in was basically just a couple sheets of metal in the form of a long rectangular box.  It all started at six inContinue reading “Senior Column: Just being there for someone is the greatest gift”

Seniors: What’s your favorite SHS memory?

Ryan Weber- Coming in early to see friends and hangout in the morning. Jake Billard- Spending 13 hours a day at the school for five days a week during the fall of 2019. Kaya Greenfield- Homecoming football games and dance. I like how the themes were always different.  Andrew Kosderka- Probably the Staff Infection. OrContinue reading “Seniors: What’s your favorite SHS memory?”

Allinger, Tammad to lead ASB in 2021-22

Brooke WomackStaff Writer The ASB council votes are in and junior Ashley Allinger will be president. Junior Becca Tammad will be the vice president. “I’ve always had a desire to lead the school and influence people.  There is so much opportunity at Sandy and so many unheard voices.  So now that I’m the president IContinue reading “Allinger, Tammad to lead ASB in 2021-22”

Teachers offer final good-byes to seniors

Ryan Olivier- “If you want to get the same things as everybody else, do what everybody else does. If you want to get extraordinary life experiences, with extraordinary rewards, be willing to do extraordinary things.” Ryan Cauch- Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. PeterContinue reading “Teachers offer final good-byes to seniors”

Six-word memoirs describe seniors’ experiences

Madison DeGree- “High school memories: Drama filled: life lessons”  Jesse Dorr- “Covid was really not cool, sigh”  Emmily McKinzie- “Naruto: Hulu, Season 1, Ep. 23, 11:56” Christina Popesc- “Appreciate, family, love, happiness, joy, sadness”  Nicholas Olsen- “It has been a great run”  William Walker- “I have lost all motivation and cares” Michael Zangerle- “Ha, Won’tContinue reading “Six-word memoirs describe seniors’ experiences”

Staff members say farewell to Sandy High

Keianah WeaklandEditor-in-Chief  As the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end, some of our staff members are retiring from Sandy High. Although they will be missed by students and staff, the retirees are excited for what’s to come. These staff members include the autos teacher Peter Craemer, bookkeeper Alexis Tappert, cafeteria worker Ramona Talley, custodianContinue reading “Staff members say farewell to Sandy High”