Senior Column: Middle college enhances high school years

Keianah WeaklandEditor-in-Chief  If I have learned one thing from my four years at Sandy High, it would be to take advantage of any opportunities that are available to you.  During my sophomore year, I heard about the Middle College program at SHS. This would allow juniors and seniors to attend Mount Hood Community College toContinue reading “Senior Column: Middle college enhances high school years”

Seniors say thanks to favorite teachers

Kaya Greenfield- Ms. Reneau was my favorite teacher because I could relate what we were doing to real life, and found the material interesting and more than just English. For example, we talked about some history and current events.   Andrew Kosderka- Mato, I believe I have taken every class he offers. As long as youContinue reading “Seniors say thanks to favorite teachers”

Seniors plan next steps in life

William Walker- Join the military. Michael Zangerle- Work in the construction field then become either an electrician or plumber.  Jessalynn Weigant- Going to a community college and becoming a teacher. Angelina Gurney- Stay at the job I currently have at Suburban Ford.  Semele Groce- OSU. Ryan Weber- Go to PCC for a scholarship program. JakeContinue reading “Seniors plan next steps in life”

Summer homework a nuisance for students

Devon YoderStaff Writer For most students, summer vacation is one of the best parts of the year. It’s the longest break from school, and the weather is almost constantly sunny and warm. This makes summer vacation the best time to go on a long vacation, or just relax at home. School is usually completely outContinue reading “Summer homework a nuisance for students”

DECA partners with Graphic Arts club to market PioGear

DECA is our school business club.   At first it doesn’t sound too exciting. I mean high school is about fun not business right? But really, once you get into the club it is really fun. So far this year in DECA we have partnered with the Graphic Arts Design club to create our own businessContinue reading “DECA partners with Graphic Arts club to market PioGear”

Seniors will their ‘valuables’ to friends

Elizabeth Tishchenko- I, Elizabeth Tishchenko, leave my appreciation for Russia with Elliot Waterberry.  Madison DeGree- I, Madison DeGree, leave my friendship skills to Zoe Sears. Emmily McKinzie- I, Emmily McKinzie, leave my ability to multitask like a champ to Sara McKinzie. Christina Popesc- I, Christina Popesc, leave my oboe spot to Denali Barrett. William Walker-Continue reading “Seniors will their ‘valuables’ to friends”

Seniors: If you could have a ‘do-over,’ what would it be?

Katelyn Gaspard – I wish I would have gone to more events. If I had known I would have only gone to “regular” high school for a little over a year and a half, I would have taken the opportunity to attend more events. Anahi Hernandez- I would do over my English class, freshman year. Continue reading “Seniors: If you could have a ‘do-over,’ what would it be?”

Graduation includes both in-person and virtual ceremonies

Keianah WeaklandEditor-in-Chief  Sandy High seniors and their families were surprised to find out that the class of 2021 will have an in-person graduation ceremony. With all of the uncertainties Covid-19 has brought, many students were worried about having a drive-thru or virtual graduation. Fortunately, on May 13, SHS released a Virtual Senior Meeting on StudentSquareContinue reading “Graduation includes both in-person and virtual ceremonies”

Seniors remember their favorite classes

Sergio Copado- Probably zoology/botany cause that was an exciting class. I got to dissect animals I thought I’d never see.  Griffin McAbery- Automotive, being able to go out to the shop and take something broken and then get it to work. Savannah Lomen- Biology, senior year, teacher: Wex. This class helped me discover my trueContinue reading “Seniors remember their favorite classes”

FFA stays active, brings in many awards

FFA is a national student-led organization and though it is rooted in farming, that doesn’t mean that its focus in agriculture overwhelms the activities or the students. The Sandy FFA has had an interesting year and although it has been different than a typical year with more time in front of the computer it hasContinue reading “FFA stays active, brings in many awards”