Senior Macy Maul turns a hobby into a business by Gillian Moore
The senior paints pet portraits mostly using acrylic paint on canvas

Senior Macy Maul works on her latest pet portrait. Photo courtesy of Liam Green

Travel helps students gain perspective by Gillian Moore
Traveling to far off places like China and Africa has opened some students’ eyes

Junior wins multiple awards showing her dog by Vinny White
Ashley Humphrey has won over 70 awards with her dog Bentley

Students gain confidence with their fashion choices by Brooke Womack
SHS students have eclectic tastes when it comes to clothing fashion

New math teacher shaped by hardships by Rebekah Harrell
Steve Becker knows what it’s like to “come from nothing”

Reinecke emphasizes inclusion in class by Nerisa Olomua
The new English teacher taps into students’ curiosity

Native American Heritage Day celebrates culture by Laila Ramirez
Ceremonies, feasts, and a rodeo are just a few of the many events

Philip Foster Farm offers education about the Pioneers by Ty Tilden
The local attraction transports visitors back to the 1800s

Photo courtesy of Philip Foster Farms

Local ‘heroes’ serve Sandy by Sydney Glover
Police, fire help keep local residents safe

Historical Society keeps Sandy history alive by Vinny White
The local museum contains a lot of information about the origins of SHS

Photo courtesy of the Sandy Historical Society
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