Issue 4 2/3/22


Department of Transportation makes plans for bypass by Ty Tilden
The proposed change would send 1,5000 vehicles an hour around downtown

Advisory teachers find alternative activities for students by Michelle Valencia
Shop projects and cooking skills are just two of the many different skills taught

Cooking skills are one of the alternative activities that some teachers are demonstrating in Advisory. Photo Rebekah Harrell The Pioneer Press


Final exams cause an increase in anxiety for students by Sydney Glover
Shorter, project-based finals would increase performance and decrease stress

Most dances cancelled but Prom still possible by Jake Oeck
A school-sponsored Prom in the spring is still being planned

Geography education spread across curriculum by Rebekah Harrell
The course was dropped but the topic is still taught in other classes


Free lunches available until end of school year by Nicole Wright
The pandemic program will be available until June

All students have had access to free lunches for the 2021-22 school year. Photo Gillian Moore The Pioneer Press

Students provide tips on driving in hazardous conditions by Gillian Moore
Using traction devices and taking it easy on the braking helps

Mental health resources available for student by Jake Oeck
Counselors and hotlines are always available for any student in crisis

Online shopping spikes during the pandemic by Makayla Bogle
Internet shopping is the overwhelming favorite as shoppers stay home

The ease and immediacy of online shopping has made it the preferred buying method during the pandemic

Block schedule popular with student body by Henry Schutt
After one semester of block schedule, most students are in favor

Advanced class worth the added workload by Brooke Womack
They take more time and effort but the payoff is worth it


Antique and thrift stores thrive in Sandy by Vincent White
The resellers carry a wide range of used or vintage goods

Manny Herrera opened Picker’s Corner during the pandemic and says business has been better than expected. Photo Vincent White The Pioneer Press

How To: Six steps to starting a new club by Sydney Glover
Creating a new school group isn’t as tough as you might think

Ceramics instruction now offered in other art classes by Makayla Bogle
The class is gone but the skills are still taught in Studio Art

Review: ‘Spider-man: No Way Home’ deserving of its accolades by Laila Ramirez
The new Marvel offering features a line-up of past Spider-men

Smaller restaurants offer good breakfast options by Brooke Womack
These business may not be the most visible but they deliver

Teens prioritize health and wellness by Nicole Wright
Working out and eating right is a priority for these students


Skateboarding creates community in Sandy by Gillian Moore
Students spend hours at the skate park perfecting their moves

SHS students have created a community of skateboarders.

Athletic rituals help create bonds between teammates by Michelle Valencia
Team dinners, introduction rituals help teams share traditions

Schedules change due to Covid-19 cancellations by Rebekah Harrell
Only a few games have been canceled and teams have adjusted

Sports Updates by Laila Ramirez and Vincent White
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

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