Most Outstanding Senior Nominations


Commencement to include in-person ceremony by Keianah Weakland
This year’s ceremony will be both in-person and online

Local Scholarship Winners
Winners were announced at the senior awards ceremony on June 2

Seniors earn college scholarships
Scholarships awarded by individual colleges

OSAA Activity/Athlete Scholars
Seniors who earned a varsity letter and maintained a 3.5 GPA or better


Column: Keianah Weakland
Middle college helped improve high school experience

Column: Emmily McKinzie
Sometimes we just need someone to be there during hard times


Teachers say good-bye to the seniors
The staff gives their final words of advice to the class of 2021

Six-word memoirs
Seniors sum up their experiences in six(ish) words

Senior wills
Seniors leave a variety of ‘valuable’ skills, items to underclassmen

Favorite teachers
Seniors share shoutouts to their favorite teachers

Favorite classes
Wondering which classes to take? Seniors give their advice

Future plans
What do our graduates have planned for the future?

Senior ‘do-overs’
Here’s what our seniors would relive if they had the chance

Favorite memories
Seniors recall their favorite high school moments

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