Plans for return of sports under constant change

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief “Let me just check my crystal ball real quick . . . just kidding,” SHS Athletic Director Garet Luebbert said about the unknowns of high school sports in the near future. The possibilities of change, cancellation, and preparation is endless with COVID-19.  “While I am optimistic about sports taking place, I am stillContinue reading “Plans for return of sports under constant change”

Driving manual transmission becoming a lost art

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief It’s got three pedals, five or six gears, and called a manual transmission. Either you knew off the top of your head what a manual vehicle is or you have no idea at all. Since 1894, when the first manual transmission was made, it has been a staple for old and new cars.Continue reading “Driving manual transmission becoming a lost art”

Vaccines, Covid-19 tests hit the market

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief The first vaccine for Covid-19 in the United States was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Dec. 13. At the Pfizer plant in Portage, Michigan, semi trucks rolled out of the loading dock with the first doses of the vaccine, which was then given out for the first time on Dec.Continue reading “Vaccines, Covid-19 tests hit the market”

Does it taste like pumpkin or spice?

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Originating more than a thousand years ago, pumpkin spices have become a seasonal flavoring that has been introduced into drinks, desserts, and foods.  What we call pumpkin spice is an American spice mix that is generally a blend of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and sometimes allspice. PumpkinContinue reading “Does it taste like pumpkin or spice?”

Covid-19 throws wrench into holiday plans

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief The holidays are coming up, but are they possible with COVID-19? The question that is being asked all around the world, is should we or should we not celebrate as usual? As COVID-19 continues to spike all across the states, it is becoming more and more important to avoid having large gatherings ofContinue reading “Covid-19 throws wrench into holiday plans”

Lockdown drives people to the outdoors

Brooklyn AdamsOutdoor Activities Story Friday, March 13, was the last known day of reality, no mask, no six feet apart, and last day of school in Sandy High School. This was the day when Oregon Gov. Kate Brown extended our one week spring break into two weeks that eventually turned into six months.  Now toContinue reading “Lockdown drives people to the outdoors”

Firefighters use tactical response to wildfires

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief While firefighters put their lives on the line, the community came together as a whole to battle the worst Oregon wildfires together. Not only providing assistance to firefighters, the community was able to help one another evacuate safely. The community coming together allowed the firefighters to use tactical action towards the fires. “IContinue reading “Firefighters use tactical response to wildfires”

Seniors finish early, classes go online

Brooklyn AdamsNews Editor “Oregon’s school closure will be extended through the rest of the academic year as the state continues to battle the spread of coronavirus,” Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Wednesday, April 8.  Immediately after this announcement, the Oregon Trail School District, along with every other district in the state, closed all in-school classesContinue reading “Seniors finish early, classes go online”