Independent Instagram accounts crop up at Sandy High

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer School-related Instagram accounts have been the new sensation. Sandy High has not failed to live up to this trend. Now with at least 10 varying Instagram accounts, SHS students and staff are all trying to keep up with them to see what other accounts are newly made and what is being postedContinue reading “Independent Instagram accounts crop up at Sandy High”

Anderson delights again with quirky ‘French Dispatch’

Henry SchuttStaff Writer “The French Dispatch,” is a charming comedy drama about a tight-knit magazine staff and their stories. The magazine is shutting down and the movie focuses on the final stories being run. There’s four stories in the magazine but one is much shorter and not something I would consider to be a mainContinue reading “Anderson delights again with quirky ‘French Dispatch’”

Twelve activities for the 12 Days of Christmas

Sydney GloverStaff Writer With life starting to slightly return to normal, it is expected that people will want to do things over Winter Break. So if that person is you, here are some exciting things to check out over the break.  If you’re looking for an exciting new experience this winter break, then go checkContinue reading “Twelve activities for the 12 Days of Christmas”

Craig ends his Bond run with ‘No Time to Die’

Henry SchuttStaff Writer To speak bluntly, I did not want to see “No Time to Die.” This was not because I thought it’d be bad, or because I dislike the character, as I can assure, I don’t. Rather, it was due to this being the end of an era. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond, whichContinue reading “Craig ends his Bond run with ‘No Time to Die’”

Crumbl Cookie provides sweet treats

Nicole WrightStaff Writer The perfect combination of flour, sugar and heaven makes up Crumbl Cookie.  Co-founder Jason McGown and Sawyer Hemsley, wanted to step up the cookie industry. So in 2017, they opened a shop in Utah. After growing rapidly, they now have over 246 bakeries nationwide, including one 18 miles from Sandy across fromContinue reading “Crumbl Cookie provides sweet treats”

Movies to open over the holidays

Sydney GloverStaff Writer As we enter the holiday season there are a great deal of new movies coming out. Some of these have been highly marketed and some are possible hidden gems. Either way ‘tis the season to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch a new movie.  If you want to catch a movieContinue reading “Movies to open over the holidays”

Podcasts offer different form of entertainment

Makayla BogleStaff Writer Music, streaming programs, and social media platforms are all different forms of media that entertain and influence the youth, but what about podcasts?  For certain age groups and audiences, a podcast may not be the most appealing option for entertainment. The influx of podcasts is intriguing to the younger generation. The sameContinue reading “Podcasts offer different form of entertainment”

Students have eclectic tastes in music

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “I’m more a ‘Billie Jean’ type of guy, you know what I mean?” senior Ashton Turn said about his favorite music. “The genres I like to listen to are hip hop and a little bit of pop, like Michael Jackson.”  While you have your headphones plugged in, have you ever wondered whatContinue reading “Students have eclectic tastes in music”

Upcoming Concerts provide escape

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer Music is an escape for a lot of people and students at SHS are often seen listening to their favorite artists throughout the day. Over the course of the next few months, a variety of artists are coming to the Portland area and no matter what type of music you listen to,Continue reading “Upcoming Concerts provide escape”

Sandy Actor’s Theatre reopens with ‘Dead to the Last Drop’

Vinny WhiteStaff Writer Some may know Sandy Actor’s Theatre (SAT) as the corner you drive by on your way to Ace Hardware, but others, the people who dare venture into the small 98-seat theatre will know that it is a cost effective, non-profit center of acting that provides leagues of entertainment and fun. The SandyContinue reading “Sandy Actor’s Theatre reopens with ‘Dead to the Last Drop’”