Red Shed reopens with expanded menu

Ty TildenStaff Writer After a long-awaited kitchen remodel, the Red Shed Public House reopened in early September with a new expanded menu. While specializing in barbecue dishes, Red Shed has diversified its menu and provides a competitive range of items.  When approaching the downtown Sandy location, one finds a modest exterior boasting a large patioContinue reading “Red Shed reopens with expanded menu”

Club puts in long hours to create Pio TV

Henry SchuttStaff Writer Editor’s Note: Live streaming of events by Pio TV has been discontinued since the writing of this article. The light beats down upon them as sweat rolls down their bodies. The fans are cheering and a ball flies through the air. The clock is ticking and the pressure is on, but thatContinue reading “Club puts in long hours to create Pio TV”

Operating food cart takes long hours

Jacob OeckStaff Writer Looking for fine dining?  The epitome of good food?  Look no farther than the humble food cart, a staple in Sandy and yes, the food is delicious.  But how did the food get here, you ask in between bites.  What all goes into owning and running a food cart? “Google it,” laughedContinue reading “Operating food cart takes long hours”

Discord finds chat market niche

Vinny WhiteStaff Writer Chatting services are a growing market. Ask anyone at the school and they probably consistently use one or even multiple services. Snapchat, iMessage, Instagram, and so many others are downloaded on the phones of the students in this school. But now, if you delve deep into the crevices of the app store,Continue reading “Discord finds chat market niche”

Summer blockbusters return as Sandy Cinema re-opens

Brooke WomackStaff Writer With more and more people being vaccinated everyday, more businesses are opening back up.  One of those places is the Sandy Cinema.  This can be exciting news for movie lovers as the last time the theaters were open was March 2020. “One of the last movies I remember seeing is ‘The CallContinue reading “Summer blockbusters return as Sandy Cinema re-opens”

DECA partners with Graphic Arts club to market PioGear

DECA is our school business club.   At first it doesn’t sound too exciting. I mean high school is about fun not business right? But really, once you get into the club it is really fun. So far this year in DECA we have partnered with the Graphic Arts Design club to create our own businessContinue reading “DECA partners with Graphic Arts club to market PioGear”

FFA stays active, brings in many awards

FFA is a national student-led organization and though it is rooted in farming, that doesn’t mean that its focus in agriculture overwhelms the activities or the students. The Sandy FFA has had an interesting year and although it has been different than a typical year with more time in front of the computer it hasContinue reading “FFA stays active, brings in many awards”

Mock Trials prepares for national competition

Even with the challenges provided by the coronavirus, the SHS Mock Trials team has been able to navigate the challenges of performing trials online. Although our team got a late start to the season, we were able to participate in the District competition with two teams. The two teams from Sandy were the Varsity CrimsonContinue reading “Mock Trials prepares for national competition”

Key Club still volunteers despite Covid restrictions

Key Club is a place to make friends, help out the community of Sandy, and create new memories. Unfortunately for Key Club, making all of those things happen this year has been a struggle. Last minute scheduled Google Meets and events are becoming a trend but working hard and fast is what the officers areContinue reading “Key Club still volunteers despite Covid restrictions”

Disney moves toward live-action remakes

Devon YoderStaff Writer For nearly a century, Walt Disney Animation Studios has remained on top of the animation industry. Starting with their hit 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the studio has created a large number of successful animated films, which have received an amount of awards that have yet to be matchedContinue reading “Disney moves toward live-action remakes”