Black Friday likely to change due to Covid-19

Rebekah HarrellFeature Editor  With the holiday season fast approaching many people are starting to think about shopping for the best gifts. The massive sales that come with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sometimes a family tradition, but with this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, many of these shopping traditions may not be possible.  “Every yearContinue reading “Black Friday likely to change due to Covid-19”

Sandy Cinema selling curbside concessions

Emmily McKinzieA&E Editor  The Sandy Cinema is one of the few independently owned movie theaters left in the area. As a prime spot for a teen movie date or even a fun place to go with your family, the pandemic has hit it hard. Many students will be affected if the Cinema does not getContinue reading “Sandy Cinema selling curbside concessions”

Leipold’s will still host corn maze

Emmily McKinzieA&E Editor Leaves are falling and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. Halloween is coming. Halloween is usually a time when kids dress up in fun costumes and go around and get candy from house to house.  However, with the recent pandemic Halloween may be different this year. Oregon Health Authority Continue reading “Leipold’s will still host corn maze”

Students look for Halloween alternatives

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer COVID-19 has affected many aspects of our everyday lives for the past seven months. People must wear masks everywhere to protect themselves, school is all online, the activities many people used to participate in such as sports and other activities are unavailable or restricted heavily. So how will COVID-19 affect this holidayContinue reading “Students look for Halloween alternatives”

‘American Horror Story’ stills delivers chills

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer As the ninth-ranked in the Rolling Stone’s “30 Best Horror TV Shows of All Time” as well as an extremely popular Netflix series, American Horror Story has been on the rise for fame over the past almost 10 years of its release.  With Halloween just around the corner, is “American Horror Story”Continue reading “‘American Horror Story’ stills delivers chills”

A separated world depends on technology like never before

Tamzyn PendletonPhoto Editor Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most people have been cooped up in their houses. Technology during this time has been both a blessing and a curse. But, at least in some ways, technology has reduced our quarantine suffering. Technology has been able to keep the world revolving without having to physically beContinue reading “A separated world depends on technology like never before”

Loredo-Ochoa chooses between football and band

Keianah WeaklandOpinion Editor Many students are faced with the same problem of having to choose between sports, musical activities, or other extracurriculars. They have to choose one or the other, while other students can do as much as they want. Having to choose between two or more things you are passionate for is hard. ForContinue reading “Loredo-Ochoa chooses between football and band”

McMahon prepares but misses out on Mr. D

Payton LiebeltA&E Editor Nearly every year, the public sees SHS senior boys singing, dancing, and being funny for the Mr. Doernbecher pageant. What they never see, though, is the person who organizes and makes it all happen. And the answer: senior Taylor McMahon. Coming into Leadership as a freshman, McMahon had no idea what wasContinue reading “McMahon prepares but misses out on Mr. D”