Seniors rethink immediate college entrance

Keianah WeaklandEditor-in-Chief  As students approach the end of their high school career, they most often have an idea of what they want to do after graduation. Whether it is going to a four-year university, community college, trade school, or going directly into the workforce, many students know which direction they are leaning. Due to COVID-19,Continue reading “Seniors rethink immediate college entrance”

Seniors missing college search support during distance learning

Keianah WeaklandOpinion Editor As the seniors of 2021 continue on the college journey, many are feeling the pressure build up. Deadlines have passed and others are getting closer. College searches, applications, scholarships, FAFSA, and tours are all going on at the same time, along with navigating distance learning.  Classes are difficult already, but having toContinue reading “Seniors missing college search support during distance learning”

Many colleges drop SAT/ACT requirement

Emily Fendall-YorkStaff Writer All seven public universities in Oregon and Oregon Health & Science University no longer require SAT/ACT scores from this year’s graduates for admission starting next year due to the difficulty of taking them and being able to afford them during the pandemic. Also, some colleges are willing to keep it that wayContinue reading “Many colleges drop SAT/ACT requirement”

College prep class would benefit seniors

Keianah WeaklandOpinion Editor As this year’s senior class begins their college search and application process, for many people, it’s like walking into a room blindfolded. The transition from junior year to senior, you don’t think much about the preparation that goes into applying to college and choosing what you want to do with your lifeContinue reading “College prep class would benefit seniors”