Doss stays in shape by walking to school

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Many students may be confused when seeing math teacher Aleta Doss walking to or from school daily as they drive by. A total of two miles each way, this is her way of getting steps in and staying active daily.  Doss chooses to walk instead of other options such as driving orContinue reading “Doss stays in shape by walking to school”

Father’s decision changes Vixathep’s life forever

Jake OeckStaff Writer “You didn’t want to stay in one place too long… My dad was on a hit list,” social studies teacher Anouxa Vixathep said.  Vixathep was born shortly after his family fled a civil war in Laos, and at the age of four, found himself living in a refugee camp. “My family wereContinue reading “Father’s decision changes Vixathep’s life forever”

Coaching is a 24/7/365 job for Dill

Ty TildenStaff Writer A bright summer day finds Josh Dill inspiring the youth to grow. As he critiques and provides recommendations, his players can relate, he makes sure he’s a real person before he’s a coach. Dill spends much of his time expanding the football skills of Sandy’s players. For him, it’s a year roundContinue reading “Coaching is a 24/7/365 job for Dill”

Liebelt loves traveling and the outdoors

Sydney Glover Feature Editor The sun peaks over the edge of the Grand Canyon, painting the sky in varying shades of pink and blue. Six thousand feet below the edge of the orange rock, sits the Colorado river, glistening in the rising sun. This is the best sunrise junior Delaney Liebelt has ever seen and isContinue reading “Liebelt loves traveling and the outdoors”

Peralta takes leadership role with S.A.F.E.

Laila RamirezA&E Editor Following the departure of the Class of ‘21, junior Amaya Peralta has taken over many roles for S.A.F.E., or Students Advocating For Equality. The group was formed in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter Movement that influenced Sandy High School’s Class of 2021 to create S.A.F.E. “It started just in the highContinue reading “Peralta takes leadership role with S.A.F.E.”

Jones balances, school, sports, social life

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor Junior Madison Jones is a busy teen like everyone else but she has learned the tactics of being able to balance her favorite hobbies and after school activities while still managing to perform well in school. This has allowed her to have a healthy social life and not be entirely consumed onlyContinue reading “Jones balances, school, sports, social life”

Leymaster enjoys positive environment soccer provides

Sydney GloverFeature Editor  The opposing team’s player is flying down the field making it past the entire midfield. The SHS girls soccer team starts to lose hope as she approaches the goal. She pulls back her leg to kick the ball in the goal, but right before she can, junior Hayden Leymaster slides in andContinue reading “Leymaster enjoys positive environment soccer provides”

McAbery studies for firefighting career

Ty TildenStaff Writer As the blaring wail of the sirens clearing the way for the engine pierce the ears of bystanders, SHS graduate Griffin McAbery hones in on radio traffic to prepare himself. When the engine company arrives on scene, McAbery proves himself useful among his paid colleagues, jumping in to operate Hurst extrication equipment,Continue reading “McAbery studies for firefighting career”

Wagner will head to the Air Force next year

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Senior Joey Wagner is preparing for a big commitment in life as he is faced with graduation soon.  Many students plan out their future as they reach senior year. Some choose college, a trade school, or a gap year. However, for Wagner, his path has led him to the Air Force. “MyContinue reading “Wagner will head to the Air Force next year”

Caraveo shows unique sense of fashion

Makayla BogleStaff Writer  “In general, the things that I do, say, and people I hang out with are unorthodox, so style makes me feel comfortable. I’m usually not thinking about how I will be perceived when I’m getting dressed. It’s not necessarily an effort to look cool or nice for school,” senior Eli Caraveo said.Continue reading “Caraveo shows unique sense of fashion”