Bliesner experiences life through music

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, people became confined to their houses with emotions of fear and anger, but music offered an escape from all the hardships senior Grace Bliesner faced.  “I really found escapes in music over quarantine, it’s a way to mix up your day when it feels like everyContinue reading “Bliesner experiences life through music”

Students make travel plans for Spring Break

Laila RamirezA&E Editor While many SHS students travel within state boundaries over Spring Break, some students travel to extraordinary destinations that stand apart from your average trip to the beach.  Junior Landon Davis is among one of these students who is traveling to an extraordinary location. He and his family are visiting the exotic townContinue reading “Students make travel plans for Spring Break”

Davis twins follow their own paths through SHS

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “Even though you are a twin, you’re your own person, be independent and do your own thing. We definitely have our own group of friends, it’s crazy,” senior Ella Davis said. Ella, and twin sister Bella, have had a unique experience growing up. “We tried switching places in fifth grade and weContinue reading “Davis twins follow their own paths through SHS”

Class of 2022 struggles with senioritis

Makayla BogleStaff Writer Senioritis is characterized as the decreased motivation towards studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school, college, or graduate school careers. The class of 2022 has spent close to a year and a half of their high school education participating in virtual classes and distance learning. SeniorsContinue reading “Class of 2022 struggles with senioritis”

Spanish teacher Clinton Davis restores pieces of history

Ty TildenStaff Writer A bucking saw constructed in the mid-1800s for use in a logging operation in southern Washington sits collecting dust in a small, run-down antique shop. Neglected after years of service extracting finished lumber from massive pacific northwest trees, it lies ignored. That is, until Spanish teacher Clinton Davis gets his expert handsContinue reading “Spanish teacher Clinton Davis restores pieces of history”

Wex tries to develop feeling of phenomena

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Biology and Oceanic Science teacher Andrew Wex is a teacher of many interests. In his teaching, he works to cultivate a feeling of phenomena to engage and intrigue his students. “Phenomena is something that happens that’s maybe not totally obvious at first and not easily explainable, but when you dig a littleContinue reading “Wex tries to develop feeling of phenomena”

Lim gets new start as English teacher at SHS

Nerisa OlomuaStaff Writer At the beginning of second semester, the newest English teacher, Barba Lim, found excitement through the big switch from Reynolds High School to Sandy High. Born and raised in Montana, Lim wanted to get out and experience more away from her hometown.  While teaching outside of her hometown Missoula, Montana, she foundContinue reading “Lim gets new start as English teacher at SHS”

Small class sizes provide many benefits to students

Ty TildenStaff Writer Small classes are said to provide many benefits to students and teachers: stronger relationships among students and with teachers, more instruction time, less grading work for the teacher. But are classes with low enrollment really something to write home about? “You get anything under 18 and you start to have a hardContinue reading “Small class sizes provide many benefits to students”

Ceramics art integrated into other classes

Makayla BogleStaff Writer Sandy High School has a wide range of art classes such as graphic design courses and studio art classes that focus on plenty of different art styles. In the past, SHS’s art production program also had a ceramics class. The ceramics class is no longer in session and has not been forContinue reading “Ceramics art integrated into other classes”

Thrift and antique stores offer low cost goods

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Second hand stores, often referred to as “thrift” or “antique” stores, are stores that resell objects that were once owned by others. These businesses are quite plentiful in Oregon and can be found in most towns, and they all have their own interesting stories. These building hold objects you would never expectContinue reading “Thrift and antique stores offer low cost goods”