Liebelt loves traveling and the outdoors

Sydney Glover Feature Editor The sun peaks over the edge of the Grand Canyon, painting the sky in varying shades of pink and blue. Six thousand feet below the edge of the orange rock, sits the Colorado river, glistening in the rising sun. This is the best sunrise junior Delaney Liebelt has ever seen and isContinue reading “Liebelt loves traveling and the outdoors”

Leymaster enjoys positive environment soccer provides

Sydney GloverFeature Editor  The opposing team’s player is flying down the field making it past the entire midfield. The SHS girls soccer team starts to lose hope as she approaches the goal. She pulls back her leg to kick the ball in the goal, but right before she can, junior Hayden Leymaster slides in andContinue reading “Leymaster enjoys positive environment soccer provides”

Snow activities to try before winter season ends

Sydney GloverFeature Editor Winter may be coming to an official close on the 20th but there is still plenty of snow left on the mountain, meaning there are still new activities to try. Sure there are the well-known activities like skiing and snowboarding but there are also other, less commonly known activities.  The first activityContinue reading “Snow activities to try before winter season ends”

SHS drops digital media program

Sydney Glover Feature Editor  The entire digital media program is being cut to make way for a new courses and programs. “We are planning to add more classes to our Engineering and Health Science programs. Engineering courses will provide more hands-on learning through robotics and drones. Health Science is adding a Sports Medicine program,” Principal SarahContinue reading “SHS drops digital media program”

Starting new club in six easy steps

Sydney GloverStaff Writer Have you ever thought about starting a club at SHS? Here is a six step guide to starting up a club.  First, as silly as it sounds you have to come up with an idea for your club. “I started Aquanauts because I noticed the oceanic students wanted something more than justContinue reading “Starting new club in six easy steps”

Final exams cause an increase in anxiety for students

Sydney GloverStaff Writer Finals may not be going away, but we can improve them. At the end of each semester, students are required to take a final in each of their classes. That can be upwards of seven finals over the course of two days. These finals cause students too much unnecessary stress and anxiety.Continue reading “Final exams cause an increase in anxiety for students”

Switching sports works out well for Lucky

Sydney GloverStaff Writer It is 2013 in the upstairs gym at the old high school. One little red headed girl stands in a sea of older boys. Her heart is racing and she hates her mother for making her go. She’s only ever played soccer. What the heck does she know about basketball? For goodnessContinue reading “Switching sports works out well for Lucky”

Twelve activities for the 12 Days of Christmas

Sydney GloverStaff Writer With life starting to slightly return to normal, it is expected that people will want to do things over Winter Break. So if that person is you, here are some exciting things to check out over the break.  If you’re looking for an exciting new experience this winter break, then go checkContinue reading “Twelve activities for the 12 Days of Christmas”

Movies to open over the holidays

Sydney GloverStaff Writer As we enter the holiday season there are a great deal of new movies coming out. Some of these have been highly marketed and some are possible hidden gems. Either way ‘tis the season to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch a new movie.  If you want to catch a movieContinue reading “Movies to open over the holidays”

Local ‘heroes’ serve Sandy

Sydney GloverStaff Writer The past few years have been an exceptionally hard due to wildfires, protests, and the pandemic. However, there is a group of people who are constantly on the front lines fighting for Sandy. They are Sandy’s local heroes. Ernie Roberts is the police chief of Sandy. Roberts has been in law enforcementContinue reading “Local ‘heroes’ serve Sandy”