Card game explores relationships

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer We’re Not Really Strangers is a relationship creating, strengthening, and deepening card game. It’s for any type of relationship, friends, family, significant others, your relationship with yourself, you name it. With various decks of different themed cards and questions, WNRS allows you to dive deeper into your relationships.  “When I played theContinue reading “Card game explores relationships”

Later start time would benefit teens

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer Almost every teen struggles with getting up for school, especially when school starts early. This is commonly from lack of sleep. Studies have shown early school start times can have drastic effects on students, including an increased risk of various mental health problems, sleep deprivation, and more. Later start times could improveContinue reading “Later start time would benefit teens”

Library offers online activities

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer Even with the Sandy Public Library being temporarily closed due to Covid-19, the library still has an abundance of thoughtful and fun activities for kids, teens, and adults. These programs range from fun activities to volunteer work and even to anti-racism programs. The Library has a volunteer program called “Craft for aContinue reading “Library offers online activities”

Holiday events adapt to restrictions

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer This holiday season has been quite chaotic with Covid-19 putting restrictions on many holiday activities. Despite these restrictions, there are still many things to do and places to go over the holidays. Since the traditional Zoo Lights involve walking around and being around a lot of people, the Oregon Zoo has updatedContinue reading “Holiday events adapt to restrictions”

Gresham will soon add Chick-fil-A

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer Chick-fil-A is a very popular restaurant in the United States. Oregon, however, only has a few locations. The locations around Sandy and Multnomah County include one in Clackamas, Hillsboro and Beaverton. All of these locations are a bit of a drive from the Sandy/Boring area but luckily for Chick-fil-A lovers there isContinue reading “Gresham will soon add Chick-fil-A”

Unplug to improve your quality of life

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer Technology, whether that’s a phone, computer, or TV, is a part of almost everyone’s daily routine. There are plenty of benefits to using technology, such as communication and easy access to nearly any information you need, but the benefits of going without technology are often overlooked. Technology plays an important role inContinue reading “Unplug to improve your quality of life”

Students look for Halloween alternatives

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer COVID-19 has affected many aspects of our everyday lives for the past seven months. People must wear masks everywhere to protect themselves, school is all online, the activities many people used to participate in such as sports and other activities are unavailable or restricted heavily. So how will COVID-19 affect this holidayContinue reading “Students look for Halloween alternatives”

‘American Horror Story’ stills delivers chills

Vanessa LemkeStaff Writer As the ninth-ranked in the Rolling Stone’s “30 Best Horror TV Shows of All Time” as well as an extremely popular Netflix series, American Horror Story has been on the rise for fame over the past almost 10 years of its release.  With Halloween just around the corner, is “American Horror Story”Continue reading “‘American Horror Story’ stills delivers chills”