Grandpa’s stories illustrate fascinating life

Emmily McKinzieAssistant Editor  When Raymond Page passed away in April of 2021 he was known as a normal guy in his community, but those around him soon came to learn he was a man of many adventures; he was also my great grandpa.  Growing up, your grandpa is the one who sits you on hisContinue reading “Grandpa’s stories illustrate fascinating life”

Senior Column: Just being there for someone is the greatest gift

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  When it comes to enduring a lightning and thunderstorm, being in what is essentially a tin can could be somewhat concerning. Well my 1950’s fifth wheel I was sleeping in was basically just a couple sheets of metal in the form of a long rectangular box.  It all started at six inContinue reading “Senior Column: Just being there for someone is the greatest gift”

Girls golf team makes strides

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  Even though it feels like the girls golf season just started, it is coming to an end. They have two more tournaments left, but have made great strides in the tournaments they have already participated in.  “So far this golf season has been great. With it being a non-contact sport, it makesContinue reading “Girls golf team makes strides”

Businesses reward vaccine recipients

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  With the vaccine becoming available to many different groups of people, businesses have started to advertise what are known as vaccine “freebies.” Multiple businesses in many states are starting to do these programs. How they work is if you show proof of your vaccination card you are able to get something freeContinue reading “Businesses reward vaccine recipients”

Ball moves to district office; Dorn new principal for 2021-22 school year

Edited from OTSD Press Release byEmmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  Principal Kim Ball will be stepping down from her position and will move into a district position according to a district press release. Ball will be the new Curriculum and Instruction Administrator for the district. Sarah Dorn, former vice principal, will be stepping in and becoming theContinue reading “Ball moves to district office; Dorn new principal for 2021-22 school year”

Boys golf team sees improvement

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  Boys golf is on a similar schedule to girls golf, their season has also just recently started and they are in the middle of their season as well. Sandy High’s boys team is also making great strides throughout their season.  “We have seven golfers this season.  Every single one of them isContinue reading “Boys golf team sees improvement”

Students suggest new restaurants for Sandy

Emmily McKinzieAssistant Editor  One downfall of living in a small town is there are not many options as far as restaurants go. If students had a choice there would probably be more than just your average burger joint and Chinese takeout. Not to mention when you are tired and in the mood for something otherContinue reading “Students suggest new restaurants for Sandy”

Area offers myriad of choices for donuts

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor Donuts, the bagels of pastries are a very popular breakfast food or just nice to eat if you want something sweet. However, many students have different opinions about what place has the best donuts. Each company has different ways about going about making their donuts, whether it is crazy designs and namesContinue reading “Area offers myriad of choices for donuts”

‘Bridgerton’ stretches TV-MR rating

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  Netflix has grabbed the attention of many teenagers with their new addition “Bridgerton.” It is set in London in 1813 when women of high class were required to attend gatherings to catch the eye of a suitor. In this specific show, women were required to marry before even hugging a man.  BridgertonContinue reading “‘Bridgerton’ stretches TV-MR rating”

Think long term before getting a tattoo

Emmily McKinzie Assistant Editor  Turning 18 is one of the biggest moments for teenagers, we can officially do many adult things like vote and buy a lottery ticket. But for many teens, when that 18th birthday hits, the first things they want to do is get a tattoo.  At the time, teens may think that theContinue reading “Think long term before getting a tattoo”