DeJong teaches and travels internationally

Gillian MoorePhoto Editor It was 2001, in Budapest, Hungary. In a classroom a third of the size you’re in now sat students from all over the world eager to learn from one American teacher.  Social studies teacher Todd DeJong was that teacher.  After five years teaching at Sandy High School, he took a year leaveContinue reading “DeJong teaches and travels internationally”

Track athletes switch to golf for spring season

Gillian MoorePhoto Editor In previous years, participating in track and field was a no-brainer for spring athletes.  But, recently, things have changed. This year, golf has become a popular sport to play for some. Due to staffing changes, some students’ spring sports preference has changed. “The main reason I wanted to do golf more wasContinue reading “Track athletes switch to golf for spring season”

Davis twins follow their own paths through SHS

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “Even though you are a twin, you’re your own person, be independent and do your own thing. We definitely have our own group of friends, it’s crazy,” senior Ella Davis said. Ella, and twin sister Bella, have had a unique experience growing up. “We tried switching places in fifth grade and weContinue reading “Davis twins follow their own paths through SHS”

Skateboarding still popular among SHS students

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “I like everything about it, like landing a trick you’ve been working on is amazing. It’s probably the best feeling ever,” junior Carson Harrison said. Other SHS skaters have similar feelings towards skateboarding, “My favorite part about skating is that you have to learn and practice something until you get it, andContinue reading “Skateboarding still popular among SHS students”

Students provide tips on driving in hazardous conditions

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “A pro tip for driving in the snow is don’t stop, you could slow down to like one mile per hour but don’t stop because that’s how accidents happen,” sophomore Nia Hamalainen said. She received this advice from her parents, said.  Now that skiing and snowboarding season is in full blast, studentsContinue reading “Students provide tips on driving in hazardous conditions”

Wrestlers prepare for busy tournament and dual meet season

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “It’s a powerful feeling when you beat someone because it’s like dominating your will over their’s,” senior Mikey Platz said about winning a wrestling match. Wrestling is not only focused on winning, it’s also about creating a close and family-like environment.   Alongside her brother, sophomore Ayla Platz also enjoys the team environment,Continue reading “Wrestlers prepare for busy tournament and dual meet season”

Students experience different cultures through distant travel

Gillian MooreStaff Writer Traveling and seeing how different cultures live can be an amazing and eye-opening experience.  While some students to California for summer break, a few students have had the opportunity to travel outside of the continent. “It was really weird; we just ate dinner there…” senior Henry Schutt said.  A few years ago,Continue reading “Students experience different cultures through distant travel”

Boys basketball team welcomes new head coach

Laila RamirezStaff Writer With a new coach and pre-season excitement, the returning varsity boys basketball players have an optimistic outlook on this year’s season. “I feel like this season we can bond more and we’re most excited to make memories,” senior Angel Tello said.  Last year, the boys endured a short season filled with manyContinue reading “Boys basketball team welcomes new head coach”

Students have eclectic tastes in music

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “I’m more a ‘Billie Jean’ type of guy, you know what I mean?” senior Ashton Turn said about his favorite music. “The genres I like to listen to are hip hop and a little bit of pop, like Michael Jackson.”  While you have your headphones plugged in, have you ever wondered whatContinue reading “Students have eclectic tastes in music”

Maul’s painting hobby turns into small business

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “I will sketch it out on a canvas and then do base colors and then slowly add in more detail as time goes on.  I always save the nose and the eyes for last because it’s the most important part of the picture,” senior Macy Maul said about her process for herContinue reading “Maul’s painting hobby turns into small business”