Students adjust to increased rules enforcement

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief At the beginning of the second semester, teachers and administrators started to frequently enforce more policies such as dress code, attendance, hall passes, and the phone policy. Policies regarding phones, dress code, and more have always been in place, but because of COVID-19, the administration relaxed the consequences of breaking these policies inContinue reading “Students adjust to increased rules enforcement”

OHA to lift mask mandate on March 12

Jake OeckStaff Writer The mask mandate has been a long, difficult, sometimes itchy journey, but at last there’s word that it will soon end. The Oregon Health Authority reported that at the latest the mask mandate will be lifted on March 12. This has many people excited that finally instead of a “new normal” weContinue reading “OHA to lift mask mandate on March 12”

SHS drops digital media program

Sydney Glover Feature Editor  The entire digital media program is being cut to make way for a new courses and programs. “We are planning to add more classes to our Engineering and Health Science programs. Engineering courses will provide more hands-on learning through robotics and drones. Health Science is adding a Sports Medicine program,” Principal SarahContinue reading “SHS drops digital media program”

Advisory teachers find alternative activities for students

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer Advisory has been a class period that has witnessed a significant amount of changes over the course of the years. This school year, both administration and staff came together and decided to change the way Advisory was going to look and be done.  Prior to the pandemic, Advisory was only held onceContinue reading “Advisory teachers find alternative activities for students”

Department of Transportation makes plans for bypass

Ty TildenStaff Writer The City of Sandy, along with Oregon Department of Transportation, released a feasibility study to consider construction of a bypass of downtown Sandy. In 2019, the City announced interest in constructing a bypass to help alleviate traffic congestion, safety concerns, noise pollution, and other issues. In October, the feasibility study prepared byContinue reading “Department of Transportation makes plans for bypass”

Students and staff celebrate holidays with food drive, spirit week

Ty TildenStaff Writer The Leadership class and Key Club teamed up with the Sandy Kiwanis to bring an elaborate and competitive canned food drive this holiday season. The drive supports local families in need, with an element of healthy competition amongst advisory classes. The donations assembled by advisory classes have led to the creation ofContinue reading “Students and staff celebrate holidays with food drive, spirit week”

PDMC produces ‘Family Feud’

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief After being shut down from filming and producing live sporting events, the Pioneer Digital Media Club started to brainstorm different ideas and they decided on one new project- Family Feud. Family Feud is a gameshow that many people are familiar with. The Pioneer Digital Media Club have created a spin-off version about SandyContinue reading “PDMC produces ‘Family Feud’”

New Chick-fil-A opens in Gresham

Jake OeckStaff Writer Well, it’s official, a Chick-fil-A opened up in Gresham on Nov. 11 and even the citizens of Sandy are starting to get pretty fired up.  And as many of us are planning our first trip, we have some questions about that all that chicken in need of some answers: Will the linesContinue reading “New Chick-fil-A opens in Gresham”

Sandy mayor runs for governor in 2022

Jake OeckStaff Writer Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam announced in September that he is officially running for governor.  That has the voters wondering, how would Governor Stan Pulliam impact Oregon for the better?   While the elections are still about a year away, one thing is certain, the current governor – Kate Brown – will no longerContinue reading “Sandy mayor runs for governor in 2022”

Block schedule affects Leadership’s communication

Nerisa OlomuaStaff Writer The Leadership class at SHS has learned to function differently than previous years. The block schedule only allows Leadership to meet for two full periods a week, making it more difficult to get projects done. “With the block schedule it’s a little bit harder because Leadership usually meets every day,” ASB PresidentContinue reading “Block schedule affects Leadership’s communication”