Youth pastor Develis overcomes difficult childhood

Jake OeckStaff Writer “Child Protection Services got involved when I was eight years old.  They pulled me and my brother out of the home because of the drug abuse and the fact that my mom’s boyfriend was abusive,” Jerayl Develis said, “Even just growing up was hard since we were poor and because of thingsContinue reading “Youth pastor Develis overcomes difficult childhood”

Father’s decision changes Vixathep’s life forever

Jake OeckStaff Writer “You didn’t want to stay in one place too long… My dad was on a hit list,” social studies teacher Anouxa Vixathep said.  Vixathep was born shortly after his family fled a civil war in Laos, and at the age of four, found himself living in a refugee camp. “My family wereContinue reading “Father’s decision changes Vixathep’s life forever”

Review: ‘Uncharted’ another disappointing video game movie

Jake OeckStaff Editor The new film “Uncharted,” directed by Ruben Fleischer, hit the box office on Feb. 18.  The movie features a cast overflowing with big names like Antonio Banderas, Bryan Cranston, Mark Wahlberg, and yes, Tom Holland.  The premise of the movie is the hunt for Sir Frances Drake’s El Dorado treasure.  Basically, lotsContinue reading “Review: ‘Uncharted’ another disappointing video game movie”

OHA to lift mask mandate on March 12

Jake OeckStaff Writer The mask mandate has been a long, difficult, sometimes itchy journey, but at last there’s word that it will soon end. The Oregon Health Authority reported that at the latest the mask mandate will be lifted on March 12. This has many people excited that finally instead of a “new normal” weContinue reading “OHA to lift mask mandate on March 12”

Mental health resources available for students

Jake OeckStaff Writer With all of the stress of COVID, politics, and daily teen life these days, mental health is more important than ever.  Often times we don’t think of it as something we need to check on like we do with physical health but this is definitely not true.  Suffering in silence—no matter whatContinue reading “Mental health resources available for students”

School-sponsored Prom still a possibility

Jake OeckStaff Writer School dances are incredibly awesome.  It’s a great way for the whole school to get together and just have fun.  And for many, it’s a great way to let loose and make friends. In contrast, COVID 19 is not incredibly awesome.  It’s really horrible actually.  Since the beginning of all this craziness,Continue reading “School-sponsored Prom still a possibility”

New Chick-fil-A opens in Gresham

Jake OeckStaff Writer Well, it’s official, a Chick-fil-A opened up in Gresham on Nov. 11 and even the citizens of Sandy are starting to get pretty fired up.  And as many of us are planning our first trip, we have some questions about that all that chicken in need of some answers: Will the linesContinue reading “New Chick-fil-A opens in Gresham”

Sandy mayor runs for governor in 2022

Jake OeckStaff Writer Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam announced in September that he is officially running for governor.  That has the voters wondering, how would Governor Stan Pulliam impact Oregon for the better?   While the elections are still about a year away, one thing is certain, the current governor – Kate Brown – will no longerContinue reading “Sandy mayor runs for governor in 2022”

What’s that feeling of love? It might be patriotism

Jacob OeckStaff Writer Do you get triggered when you see an American flag touch the ground?  Do you fly a giant flag out the bed of your pickup truck?  If this is you, well, you may be in love.  No, not with that cute kid in math, something much, much better.  You’re in love.  WithContinue reading “What’s that feeling of love? It might be patriotism”

Operating food cart takes long hours

Jacob OeckStaff Writer Looking for fine dining?  The epitome of good food?  Look no farther than the humble food cart, a staple in Sandy and yes, the food is delicious.  But how did the food get here, you ask in between bites.  What all goes into owning and running a food cart? “Google it,” laughedContinue reading “Operating food cart takes long hours”