Thrift shopping creates enjoyable pastime for students

Laila RamirezA&E Editor Thrifting as we know it has made a comeback to teenagers searching for a more sustainable way to purchase clothing. But has thrifting become popular to younger generations because of its sustainability and environmental benefits or because some are simply partaking in a popular and trending act their friends and online influencersContinue reading “Thrift shopping creates enjoyable pastime for students”

Students call for longer lunches with off-campus passes

Makayla BogleStaff Writer Lunch at SHS is the best part of the day for many students. Students get free lunch, a 30-minute break from classes, and a chance to socialize with friends. However, some students have opinions as to how lunch can be improved. Unlike many other high schools across the state, SHS students haveContinue reading “Students call for longer lunches with off-campus passes”

Drivers ask for improvements to relieve parking problems

Brooke WomackSports Editor It’s no secret that the parking lot at school is full of problems.  It’s full of bad parking jobs, parents waiting in the wrong spot and traffic. At the end of every school day students can be seen trying to leave early by running out of the school.  But, with the crackdownContinue reading “Drivers ask for improvements to relieve parking problems”

Geography absorbed into rest of social studies curriculum

Rebekah HarrellEditor-of-Chief Years ago Sandy High School required freshmen to take a mandatory Geography class that discussed basic things such as state capitals, population, and environmental effects. Not offering the class anymore has affected a lot of students regarding the basic knowledge of our geography.  The question is: is Geography a necessary class? “In theContinue reading “Geography absorbed into rest of social studies curriculum”

School-sponsored Prom still a possibility

Jake OeckStaff Writer School dances are incredibly awesome.  It’s a great way for the whole school to get together and just have fun.  And for many, it’s a great way to let loose and make friends. In contrast, COVID 19 is not incredibly awesome.  It’s really horrible actually.  Since the beginning of all this craziness,Continue reading “School-sponsored Prom still a possibility”

Final exams cause an increase in anxiety for students

Sydney GloverStaff Writer Finals may not be going away, but we can improve them. At the end of each semester, students are required to take a final in each of their classes. That can be upwards of seven finals over the course of two days. These finals cause students too much unnecessary stress and anxiety.Continue reading “Final exams cause an increase in anxiety for students”

Students eager for in-person assemblies

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief Assemblies have a long tradition at Sandy High School, but all of that came to a halt due to COVID-19. As the year progresses, many people wonder when will assemblies return? “Leadership hopes to do an in-person assembly this year but we don’t have much say in this. With all the restrictions andContinue reading “Students eager for in-person assemblies”

Students balance in-person learning and Edgenuity

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Does Edgenuity cause more stress than needed? There are many pros and cons to having a class through Edgenuity. The option of going at your own pace is convenient, but learning virtually can become a struggle. Students easily become stressed with the amount of homework being assigned daily. Additionally, having to dealContinue reading “Students balance in-person learning and Edgenuity”

Support needed for other Pioneer athletic teams

Brooke WomackSports Editor “Friday Night Lights” or “FNL” has always been the staple name for high school football games.  Every Friday night students, parents and fellow football fans pack into the bleachers to cheer their team on to victory.   However, the same doesn’t happen the night before for soccer teams.  Although the soccer team playsContinue reading “Support needed for other Pioneer athletic teams”

Stress weighs on students learning in the classroom

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief Distance learning was stressful for many students, but does returning to in-person school cause more burdens and stress? When students went online in March of 2020, many people had difficulty adapting to distance learning. Students tried to keep up, but faced many educational barriers like understanding assignments, technological difficulties, and taking responsibility forContinue reading “Stress weighs on students learning in the classroom”