Teens finally eligible for vaccine

Devon YoderStaff Writer 2020 was a disastrous year for the entire world. Covid-19 cases skyrocketed as the year progressed, and measures could only be taken to control the cases, rather than prevent them. However, 2021 sought to change all of this, as three vaccines were created that were designed to prevent Covid-19 cases. To regulateContinue reading “Teens finally eligible for vaccine”

Pioneers return to the building after over a year absence

Devon YoderStaff Writer After almost a full year of participating in school from home, the time finally came to move back to learning in the classroom. On March 29, juniors and seniors were welcomed back into the classroom. However, things weren’t exactly the same as they were when students left. Students were required to wearContinue reading “Pioneers return to the building after over a year absence”

School approaches Covid-19 Anniversary

Devon YoderStaff Writer March 13, 2020 was anything but an ordinary day. On that day, it was suddenly announced that we would be out of school a week before Spring Break. From the students’ perspective, it seemed like an amazing opportunity to relax just a little bit longer. Parents saw it as a simple precautionContinue reading “School approaches Covid-19 Anniversary”

Health care workers respond differently to vaccine; teacher shots coming soon

Emmily McKinzie A&E Editor  With the vaccine being distributed, our Covid worries are still present. Health care workers in Oregon hospitals have been chosen to receive the vaccine and are some of the first in our community to do so.  Jessica McKinzie, who works at Mount Talbert Medical Center, was among these people that were pickedContinue reading “Health care workers respond differently to vaccine; teacher shots coming soon”

SHS nears implementation of ‘hybrid’ instruction

Keianah WeaklandOpinion Editor As schools get further into the year, the possibility of returning students to in-person learning is becoming more likely. There is no definite return date, or decision yet if schools will remain online or begin transitioning into hybrid learning, but administration, teachers, and parents are preparing for this possibility.  According to aContinue reading “SHS nears implementation of ‘hybrid’ instruction”

Online shopping addictions worsen during pandemic

Emmily McKinzie A&E Editor  Being able to have access to online shopping is helpful for many people. Some use it to get their groceries delivered to their home or to buy some new clothes to add to their closest. However, because of being stuck at home, the access to online shopping may become an addiction forContinue reading “Online shopping addictions worsen during pandemic”

Plans for return of sports under constant change

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief “Let me just check my crystal ball real quick . . . just kidding,” SHS Athletic Director Garet Luebbert said about the unknowns of high school sports in the near future. The possibilities of change, cancellation, and preparation is endless with COVID-19.  “While I am optimistic about sports taking place, I am stillContinue reading “Plans for return of sports under constant change”

Vaccines, Covid-19 tests hit the market

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief The first vaccine for Covid-19 in the United States was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Dec. 13. At the Pfizer plant in Portage, Michigan, semi trucks rolled out of the loading dock with the first doses of the vaccine, which was then given out for the first time on Dec.Continue reading “Vaccines, Covid-19 tests hit the market”

Athletes begin school-organized workouts

Nicole WrightGuest Writer Fields and courts empty. Covid marches on. Covid rates got up to 58,000 cases in Oregon and 4,700 in our county by the middle of November, statistics showed. Sports were postponed until January at the earliest, although athletes began school workouts recently. Conducting sports became the business of the Governor’s Office, OregonContinue reading “Athletes begin school-organized workouts”

Covid-19 throws wrench into holiday plans

Brooklyn AdamsEditor-in-Chief The holidays are coming up, but are they possible with COVID-19? The question that is being asked all around the world, is should we or should we not celebrate as usual? As COVID-19 continues to spike all across the states, it is becoming more and more important to avoid having large gatherings ofContinue reading “Covid-19 throws wrench into holiday plans”