Sandy grad starts Mt. Hood Pet Resort

Brooke WomackSports Editor Most people find their first job at fast food places or work for their parents, but former SHS student Samantha Frickey found her first job at the Mt. Hood Pet Resort. Frickey found work at the Pet Resort back in 2016, right after she had graduated high school. “It was my firstContinue reading “Sandy grad starts Mt. Hood Pet Resort”

Youth pastor Develis overcomes difficult childhood

Jake OeckStaff Writer “Child Protection Services got involved when I was eight years old.  They pulled me and my brother out of the home because of the drug abuse and the fact that my mom’s boyfriend was abusive,” Jerayl Develis said, “Even just growing up was hard since we were poor and because of thingsContinue reading “Youth pastor Develis overcomes difficult childhood”

Niska helps community with grieving process

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief Death is a scary reality that everyone will eventually have to deal with, whether it be the loss of a loved one or facing death themselves. Planning funeral arrangements is stressful, but there are professionals like Paula Niska to help. Loving people through the hardship and struggles of death is what drives funeralContinue reading “Niska helps community with grieving process”

Coaching is a 24/7/365 job for Dill

Ty TildenStaff Writer A bright summer day finds Josh Dill inspiring the youth to grow. As he critiques and provides recommendations, his players can relate, he makes sure he’s a real person before he’s a coach. Dill spends much of his time expanding the football skills of Sandy’s players. For him, it’s a year roundContinue reading “Coaching is a 24/7/365 job for Dill”

Variety of morning drinks is a must for students

Nicole WrightStaff Writer For many high school students, stopping for a morning drink is essential on their way to school. Once that caffeine is in your system, you feel like you can take on anything. Just a single cup of coffee can change how the entire day goes for you.  Although, maybe you’re not aContinue reading “Variety of morning drinks is a must for students”

Snow activities to try before winter season ends

Sydney GloverFeature Editor Winter may be coming to an official close on the 20th but there is still plenty of snow left on the mountain, meaning there are still new activities to try. Sure there are the well-known activities like skiing and snowboarding but there are also other, less commonly known activities.  The first activityContinue reading “Snow activities to try before winter season ends”

Papa Hadyn’s a great stop for dessert

Rebekah HarrellEditor-in-Chief Papa Haydn’s is a well-known restaurant that serves delicious European desserts. They feature a menu with over 20 options ranging from German Chocolate Cake to Coconut Macaroons. The first dessert is the Passion dessert and is a must. It features small white cake layered with chocolate cake underneath. The outside of the cakeContinue reading “Papa Hadyn’s a great stop for dessert”

Thrift shopping creates enjoyable pastime for students

Laila RamirezA&E Editor Thrifting as we know it has made a comeback to teenagers searching for a more sustainable way to purchase clothing. But has thrifting become popular to younger generations because of its sustainability and environmental benefits or because some are simply partaking in a popular and trending act their friends and online influencersContinue reading “Thrift shopping creates enjoyable pastime for students”

OHA to lift mask mandate on March 12

Jake OeckStaff Writer The mask mandate has been a long, difficult, sometimes itchy journey, but at last there’s word that it will soon end. The Oregon Health Authority reported that at the latest the mask mandate will be lifted on March 12. This has many people excited that finally instead of a “new normal” weContinue reading “OHA to lift mask mandate on March 12”

Skateboarding still popular among SHS students

Gillian MooreStaff Writer “I like everything about it, like landing a trick you’ve been working on is amazing. It’s probably the best feeling ever,” junior Carson Harrison said. Other SHS skaters have similar feelings towards skateboarding, “My favorite part about skating is that you have to learn and practice something until you get it, andContinue reading “Skateboarding still popular among SHS students”