Block schedule popular with student body

Henry SchuttStaff Writer As the school nears the end of the first block schedule semester, it seems sufficiently long enough to accurately review how it’s been received by both the faculty and student body. The school’s current schedule starts at 8:40 a.m. and comprises three periods a day with advisory in the middle and endsContinue reading “Block schedule popular with student body”

Anderson delights again with quirky ‘French Dispatch’

Henry SchuttStaff Writer “The French Dispatch,” is a charming comedy drama about a tight-knit magazine staff and their stories. The magazine is shutting down and the movie focuses on the final stories being run. There’s four stories in the magazine but one is much shorter and not something I would consider to be a mainContinue reading “Anderson delights again with quirky ‘French Dispatch’”

Craig ends his Bond run with ‘No Time to Die’

Henry SchuttStaff Writer To speak bluntly, I did not want to see “No Time to Die.” This was not because I thought it’d be bad, or because I dislike the character, as I can assure, I don’t. Rather, it was due to this being the end of an era. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond, whichContinue reading “Craig ends his Bond run with ‘No Time to Die’”

Club puts in long hours to create Pio TV

Henry SchuttStaff Writer Editor’s Note: Live streaming of events by Pio TV has been discontinued since the writing of this article. The light beats down upon them as sweat rolls down their bodies. The fans are cheering and a ball flies through the air. The clock is ticking and the pressure is on, but thatContinue reading “Club puts in long hours to create Pio TV”