Thrift and antique stores offer low cost goods

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Second hand stores, often referred to as “thrift” or “antique” stores, are stores that resell objects that were once owned by others. These businesses are quite plentiful in Oregon and can be found in most towns, and they all have their own interesting stories. These building hold objects you would never expectContinue reading “Thrift and antique stores offer low cost goods”

Online shopping continues to spike during pandemic

Makayla BogleStaff Writer Due to Covid-19, many people have resorted to shopping online instead of in-person. With new advances in technology emerging daily, resources online are more accessible now than ever.  Online shopping has plenty of perks. Shopping online is convenient, time efficient, and extends resources, as items are able to be purchased from acrossContinue reading “Online shopping continues to spike during pandemic”

Black Friday likely to change due to Covid-19

Rebekah HarrellFeature Editor  With the holiday season fast approaching many people are starting to think about shopping for the best gifts. The massive sales that come with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sometimes a family tradition, but with this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, many of these shopping traditions may not be possible.  “Every yearContinue reading “Black Friday likely to change due to Covid-19”