Coaching is a 24/7/365 job for Dill

Ty TildenStaff Writer A bright summer day finds Josh Dill inspiring the youth to grow. As he critiques and provides recommendations, his players can relate, he makes sure he’s a real person before he’s a coach. Dill spends much of his time expanding the football skills of Sandy’s players. For him, it’s a year roundContinue reading “Coaching is a 24/7/365 job for Dill”

McAbery studies for firefighting career

Ty TildenStaff Writer As the blaring wail of the sirens clearing the way for the engine pierce the ears of bystanders, SHS graduate Griffin McAbery hones in on radio traffic to prepare himself. When the engine company arrives on scene, McAbery proves himself useful among his paid colleagues, jumping in to operate Hurst extrication equipment,Continue reading “McAbery studies for firefighting career”

Spanish teacher Clinton Davis restores pieces of history

Ty TildenStaff Writer A bucking saw constructed in the mid-1800s for use in a logging operation in southern Washington sits collecting dust in a small, run-down antique shop. Neglected after years of service extracting finished lumber from massive pacific northwest trees, it lies ignored. That is, until Spanish teacher Clinton Davis gets his expert handsContinue reading “Spanish teacher Clinton Davis restores pieces of history”

Small class sizes provide many benefits to students

Ty TildenStaff Writer Small classes are said to provide many benefits to students and teachers: stronger relationships among students and with teachers, more instruction time, less grading work for the teacher. But are classes with low enrollment really something to write home about? “You get anything under 18 and you start to have a hardContinue reading “Small class sizes provide many benefits to students”

Department of Transportation makes plans for bypass

Ty TildenStaff Writer The City of Sandy, along with Oregon Department of Transportation, released a feasibility study to consider construction of a bypass of downtown Sandy. In 2019, the City announced interest in constructing a bypass to help alleviate traffic congestion, safety concerns, noise pollution, and other issues. In October, the feasibility study prepared byContinue reading “Department of Transportation makes plans for bypass”

Boys basketball team hits the road over winter break

Ty TildenStaff Writer While the majority of students are enjoying time off school next Tuesday, the boys basketball team will travel the farthest from home they will be this season as they face off against Bend at 6 p.m. This will be yet another chance for the team to prove themselves and climb the ever-competitiveContinue reading “Boys basketball team hits the road over winter break”

Students and staff celebrate holidays with food drive, spirit week

Ty TildenStaff Writer The Leadership class and Key Club teamed up with the Sandy Kiwanis to bring an elaborate and competitive canned food drive this holiday season. The drive supports local families in need, with an element of healthy competition amongst advisory classes. The donations assembled by advisory classes have led to the creation ofContinue reading “Students and staff celebrate holidays with food drive, spirit week”

Ski and snowboard teams prepare with dry land training

Ty TildenStaff Writer The ski and snowboard teams, while in very different sports, strive to have fun on the mountain. The teams aim to be inclusive, progress athletes in their sport, and have a good time competing. Snowboard coach J.D. Elliot wants athletes to find individual value in the sport. “There is nothing set inContinue reading “Ski and snowboard teams prepare with dry land training”

Philip Foster Farm educates kids

Ty TildenStaff Writer While not a mainstream tourist attraction, Philip Foster Farm turns kids into pioneers. Established as what it is today in 1993 by the Jacknife-Zion-Horseheaven Historical Society, the farm relies largely on memberships, tours, admissions, donations, purchases from the store, and grants from various groups and organizations. The farm is the site ofContinue reading “Philip Foster Farm educates kids”

Red Shed reopens with expanded menu

Ty TildenStaff Writer After a long-awaited kitchen remodel, the Red Shed Public House reopened in early September with a new expanded menu. While specializing in barbecue dishes, Red Shed has diversified its menu and provides a competitive range of items.  When approaching the downtown Sandy location, one finds a modest exterior boasting a large patioContinue reading “Red Shed reopens with expanded menu”