Grasle climbs, dances through life outside of school

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor If you ask students at Sandy High School if they know who Sadie Grasle is most students will describe her as a fun science teacher. Beyond that not many know who she really is as a person and what her life consists of outside of school.  Grasle has been teaching at SHSContinue reading “Grasle climbs, dances through life outside of school”

Jones balances, school, sports, social life

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor Junior Madison Jones is a busy teen like everyone else but she has learned the tactics of being able to balance her favorite hobbies and after school activities while still managing to perform well in school. This has allowed her to have a healthy social life and not be entirely consumed onlyContinue reading “Jones balances, school, sports, social life”

Spring sports teams begin practices

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor As the warm weather is slowly approaching, spring are sports starting up once more. Athletes are excited about the upcoming sports season as it appears it will be to be a close-to-normal season this spring. Spring sports include baseball, softball, golf, track and field, and tennis. Various regulations and changes happened duringContinue reading “Spring sports teams begin practices”

HBO series ‘Euphoria’ gains high viewership with teens

Michelle ValenciaOpinion Editor HBO’s hit series “Euphoria” has been the recent sensation as the new season is being released each week. This show has been a hot topic amongst students ever since it first premiered back in the summer of 2019.  The show was made to spread awareness on various topics that surface among teensContinue reading “HBO series ‘Euphoria’ gains high viewership with teens”

Athletic rituals help students prepare for games

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer When participating in school sports, it is important and even sometimes necessary to have good bonds with your fellow teammates. To do this, some teams have created rituals and team bonding activities that allow for more connections and motivation for each member of the team. Teams such as the football team andContinue reading “Athletic rituals help students prepare for games”

Advisory teachers find alternative activities for students

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer Advisory has been a class period that has witnessed a significant amount of changes over the course of the years. This school year, both administration and staff came together and decided to change the way Advisory was going to look and be done.  Prior to the pandemic, Advisory was only held onceContinue reading “Advisory teachers find alternative activities for students”

Independent Instagram accounts crop up at Sandy High

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer School-related Instagram accounts have been the new sensation. Sandy High has not failed to live up to this trend. Now with at least 10 varying Instagram accounts, SHS students and staff are all trying to keep up with them to see what other accounts are newly made and what is being postedContinue reading “Independent Instagram accounts crop up at Sandy High”

Girls basketball team looks forward to having ‘normal’ season

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer Over the past year and a half of school, a lot has been affected and changed due to the uncertainty of what Covid-19 has brought us. Not only did it greatly impact students that were actively trying to learn but also students who participate in school sports.  This year, the girls areContinue reading “Girls basketball team looks forward to having ‘normal’ season”

Upcoming Concerts provide escape

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer Music is an escape for a lot of people and students at SHS are often seen listening to their favorite artists throughout the day. Over the course of the next few months, a variety of artists are coming to the Portland area and no matter what type of music you listen to,Continue reading “Upcoming Concerts provide escape”

Changes challenge staff and students

Michelle ValenciaStaff Writer With a new school year comes various changes; however, this new school year has brought more changes than ever before. With all of the uncertainties that Covid-19 has continued to bring us, the school district had to adapt to accommodate the statewide guidelines in order to have a safe school year.  “WeContinue reading “Changes challenge staff and students”