Rotzien balances work with school obligations

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Walking around the school, people of all sorts can be seen. Some of them love people, some are introverts. Some watch movies and some prefer books. There are a lot of differences, but one that the majority of students are going to do in their four years in high school is getContinue reading “Rotzien balances work with school obligations”

Sturman works to keep SHS in ship shape

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Walking into the lunchroom you will find clean tables, newly changed trash cans, and floors that don’t stick to your feet. This is what most would expect from a newly constructed school and most think nothing of it. But if you’ve ever left some trash on the lunch table or crumbs onContinue reading “Sturman works to keep SHS in ship shape”

Is the U.S. getting bored with the Olympics?

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer The Olympics, it’s meant to be a grandiose world-wide event, incorporating athletes from all of the major nations to come and compete for their country’s honor, it’s a Greek competition gone haywire. It’s a pretty simple concept and for decades people have been eating it up. Divided into the Summer and lessContinue reading “Is the U.S. getting bored with the Olympics?”

Wex tries to develop feeling of phenomena

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Biology and Oceanic Science teacher Andrew Wex is a teacher of many interests. In his teaching, he works to cultivate a feeling of phenomena to engage and intrigue his students. “Phenomena is something that happens that’s maybe not totally obvious at first and not easily explainable, but when you dig a littleContinue reading “Wex tries to develop feeling of phenomena”

Sports Update: Boys Basketball

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer On Jan. 21, the Sandy team played against Gresham. Gresham won 59-79. Sandy went head to head against Reynolds in a game that ended in loss. Although closer that previous games, Sandy still lost 68-51 In a game against Central Catholic on Jan. 29, Sandy suffered another loss. Central Catholic won 85-52Continue reading “Sports Update: Boys Basketball”

Sports Update: Girls Basketball

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer On Jan. 21 the Varsity girls’ basketball team went up against Gresham. In short, Sandy did pretty well. At 49-14, this game was great win for the Sandy team. “I believe that we equally participated in this win and that is what makes it a good one,” junior Sydney Brewster said. “PlayingContinue reading “Sports Update: Girls Basketball”

Thrift and antique stores offer low cost goods

Vincent WhiteStaff Writer Second hand stores, often referred to as “thrift” or “antique” stores, are stores that resell objects that were once owned by others. These businesses are quite plentiful in Oregon and can be found in most towns, and they all have their own interesting stories. These building hold objects you would never expectContinue reading “Thrift and antique stores offer low cost goods”

Humphrey racks up awards for showing her dog

Vinny WhiteStaff Writer Equipped with a nine-year-old miniature schnauzer, junior Ashley Humphrey is a seasoned dog trainer and walker. For those nine years, she and her dog Bentley have been walking the course, and impressing along the way. Humphrey has earned over 70 medals in her career. She is quite fond of working with herContinue reading “Humphrey racks up awards for showing her dog”

Swimmers ready for both physical and mental challenges

Vinny WhiteStaff Writer Swimming, like every other sport, had a modified season last year. Sports like football came back in full force in both quality of play and popularity, but for others like swimming it has been a far more arduous journey. “The team’s going to get a lot more competitive and get a lotContinue reading “Swimmers ready for both physical and mental challenges”

Historical Society keeps Sandy history alive

Vinny WhiteStaff Writer The Sandy Historical Society may not be the most popular destination in Sandy. Most just think of it as just the small local museum. In reality though, it’s so much more than that. Founded in 1926, The Sandy Historical Society has lasted through the decades preserving, presenting, and spreading local history. TheContinue reading “Historical Society keeps Sandy history alive”