Sandy Actor’s Theatre reopens with ‘Dead to the Last Drop’

Vinny WhiteStaff Writer Some may know Sandy Actor’s Theatre (SAT) as the corner you drive by on your way to Ace Hardware, but others, the people who dare venture into the small 98-seat theatre will know that it is a cost effective, non-profit center of acting that provides leagues of entertainment and fun. The SandyContinue reading “Sandy Actor’s Theatre reopens with ‘Dead to the Last Drop’”

Discord finds chat market niche

Vinny WhiteStaff Writer Chatting services are a growing market. Ask anyone at the school and they probably consistently use one or even multiple services. Snapchat, iMessage, Instagram, and so many others are downloaded on the phones of the students in this school. But now, if you delve deep into the crevices of the app store,Continue reading “Discord finds chat market niche”