Sandy grad starts Mt. Hood Pet Resort

Brooke WomackSports Editor Most people find their first job at fast food places or work for their parents, but former SHS student Samantha Frickey found her first job at the Mt. Hood Pet Resort. Frickey found work at the Pet Resort back in 2016, right after she had graduated high school. “It was my firstContinue reading “Sandy grad starts Mt. Hood Pet Resort”

Athletes work through playing in back-to-back seasons

Brooke WomackSports Editor Athletes love playing sports.  They love the feeling of winning and working hard.  Some athletes like it so much that they never take a day off.   As we switch to the spring season there are many athletes that deal with the cross over from their winter sports. “For me, I haven’t reallyContinue reading “Athletes work through playing in back-to-back seasons”

Drivers ask for improvements to relieve parking problems

Brooke WomackSports Editor It’s no secret that the parking lot at school is full of problems.  It’s full of bad parking jobs, parents waiting in the wrong spot and traffic. At the end of every school day students can be seen trying to leave early by running out of the school.  But, with the crackdownContinue reading “Drivers ask for improvements to relieve parking problems”

Smaller restaurants offer big rewards in Sandy

Brooke WomackSports Editor Driving through town, Sandy is full of places to eat.  There’s everything from fast food to food carts.  However, finding a new place to eat in a town full of food can be a bit daunting. With one of Sandy’s most popular food carts, Crepes Plus closing, it’s a great time forContinue reading “Smaller restaurants offer big rewards in Sandy”

Advanced classes worth the added work load

Brooke WomackSports Editor At first glance, the idea of advanced classes can be scary for some.  They sound more difficult just because the name advanced is placed in front of them.   However, students tend to get better grades in advanced classes than some do in regular classes. “I used to strive to be the perfectContinue reading “Advanced classes worth the added work load”

Fashion choices help build confidence

Brooke WomackSports Editor The way a person dresses can be a way that they express themselves or gain confidence.  Dressing the way they want is the most important thing because it makes them happy. “I like feeling good about what I’m wearing, and my style is a big part of what makes me feel,” seniorContinue reading “Fashion choices help build confidence”

Support needed for other Pioneer athletic teams

Brooke WomackSports Editor “Friday Night Lights” or “FNL” has always been the staple name for high school football games.  Every Friday night students, parents and fellow football fans pack into the bleachers to cheer their team on to victory.   However, the same doesn’t happen the night before for soccer teams.  Although the soccer team playsContinue reading “Support needed for other Pioneer athletic teams”

Underclassmen get varsity experience

Brooke WomackSports Editor Making a varsity team is every athlete’s hope while walking into tryouts.  Some do make the team and others don’t, but what about the underclassmen that make the top team?   Many times when underclassmen make teams it comes as a shock to both returning varsity and the player who made the team.Continue reading “Underclassmen get varsity experience”

Pio Pack superfans are back

Brooke WomackSports Editor With last year’s Covid sports season, student sections were limited, but now that fans are back, the varsity student sections are in full force.   Volleyball and football have been to key points for the rising school spirit. “I feel like the student section is more hyped than they have been before becauseContinue reading “Pio Pack superfans are back”

Girls basketball team returns to the court

Brooke WomackStaff Writer After waiting for well over a year, the winter sports are finally back in action, and even with the new guidelines the varsity girls basketball team is excited to get onto the court. “Having to face Covid has caused some changes.  For example, we have a much smaller team this year becauseContinue reading “Girls basketball team returns to the court”