Softball team benefits from positive mindset

Brooke WomackStaff Writer Similar to the baseball team, the softball team can’t share softballs with the other team.  The only time they can is if the players are retrieving a foul ball, or catching a ball coming at them.  They also wear masks at all times and try to stay six feet apart. “We haveContinue reading “Softball team benefits from positive mindset”

Baseball team still enjoys shortened season

Brooke WomackStaff Writer Unlike some of the other sports taking place right now, baseball’s Covid guidelines were not re-evaluated.  Both teams competing have to use different baseballs, meaning they can’t share baseballs with the other team.  If the baseball doesn’t come in contact they must sanitize the ball.  Then there are the basic rules suchContinue reading “Baseball team still enjoys shortened season”

Varsity football gets victory vs. Reynolds

Varsity football photos courtesy of Mikila Moore Brooke WomackStaff Writer This season the football players were required to wear masks like all other sports.  However, because they have mouth pieces it made things a bit more complicated.   “It’s really hard to play with them [masks] because it’s hard to run and breath with them on,Continue reading “Varsity football gets victory vs. Reynolds”

Girls soccer team bonds despite low numbers

Brooke WomackStaff Writer At the start of each practice, the girls soccer team scans and fills out the Covid survey before entering the field.  Along with all the other sports they also play with their masks. “Playing with a mask is definitely the most difficult part because it’s harder to breathe at times.  Especially whenContinue reading “Girls soccer team bonds despite low numbers”

New coach inspires boys soccer team

Brooke WomackStaff Writer The boys soccer team was required to wear their masks at all times this season, as well as trying to maintain a six foot radius from other players while off the field.   “Running with a mask is a bear to get used to but the competition has been fun and it’s excitingContinue reading “New coach inspires boys soccer team”

Masks make running tough for boys cross country

Brooke WomackStaff Writer For boys cross country, the Covid guidelines are more strict than some of the other sports competing at this time.  However, similar to the other sports they are allowed to have a limited number of fans. “For running we have to have a mask on, double layered and it has to beContinue reading “Masks make running tough for boys cross country”

Hybrid provides late ‘first day’ for freshmen

Brooke WomackStaff Writer At the start of the new year, Sandy High School’s incoming freshmen were scared about sleeping in and keeping their grades up through online school.  Be that as it may, the emotions heading into the hybrid model are much different.   “At the beginning of the year I was definitely disappointed, even nowContinue reading “Hybrid provides late ‘first day’ for freshmen”

Volleyball team posts winning record

Brooke WomackStaff Writer Volleyball is the only inside sport taking place this season so their Covid guidelines were a bit different than the others.   “Besides wearing masks, we have to sanitize the ball after every rally.  There’s also no contact with other players, and our bench is spread out.  We also have very few spectators,”Continue reading “Volleyball team posts winning record”

Girls cross country team sets PRs

Brooke WomackStaff Writer The social distancing and mask wearing rules affected the runners the same as they do for all the other sports this year. “We are required to wear masks during our races.  It’s definitely harder to breathe with a mask and you get out of breath within a few minutes,” junior Tess HansenContinue reading “Girls cross country team sets PRs”

Athletes travel cross country with club volleyball team

Brooke WomackStaff Writer Walking out onto her beach view balcony at six in the morning, senior Phoenix Steele saw something the West Coast citizens only dream of, the sun rising over the ocean. While most of us were stuck inside the house due to Covid, Steele and senior Chloe Bierbrauer were traveling on plans toContinue reading “Athletes travel cross country with club volleyball team”