Doss stays in shape by walking to school

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Many students may be confused when seeing math teacher Aleta Doss walking to or from school daily as they drive by. A total of two miles each way, this is her way of getting steps in and staying active daily.  Doss chooses to walk instead of other options such as driving orContinue reading “Doss stays in shape by walking to school”

Wagner will head to the Air Force next year

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Senior Joey Wagner is preparing for a big commitment in life as he is faced with graduation soon.  Many students plan out their future as they reach senior year. Some choose college, a trade school, or a gap year. However, for Wagner, his path has led him to the Air Force. “MyContinue reading “Wagner will head to the Air Force next year”

Skiers compete at State; Logan places sixth

Nicole WrightStaff Writer After months on the slopes, the ski team went to State last week. Senior Jack Logan led SHS, placing sixth in the individual combined. The boys team was 10th. Logan took eighth in slalom and 11th in giant slalom. Sophomore Dominic Pizzo was 38th in the combined. In the girls combined, juniorContinue reading “Skiers compete at State; Logan places sixth”

Snowboarders compete at State this week

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Snowboarders are preparing themselves to take on State March 9-12 in four different events, Banked Slalom, Boardercross, Slope-style and Halfpipe.  Although the list of students to qualify has not been released yet, most riders have a good idea if they will be competing or not. State participants are chosen based on scoresContinue reading “Snowboarders compete at State this week”

Variety of morning drinks is a must for students

Nicole WrightStaff Writer For many high school students, stopping for a morning drink is essential on their way to school. Once that caffeine is in your system, you feel like you can take on anything. Just a single cup of coffee can change how the entire day goes for you.  Although, maybe you’re not aContinue reading “Variety of morning drinks is a must for students”

Teens focus on developing healthy lifestyles

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Going into a new year, we all want to make changes for a healthier lifestyle.  Many benefits both mentally and physically can come from working out, eating healthy and setting daily routines. Four big psychological benefits come from a healthy lifestyle, including decreased mental illness, better emotional processing, increased self-esteem and cognitiveContinue reading “Teens focus on developing healthy lifestyles”

Free lunches available to all students until end of school year

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Over the years, certain students have always had the opportunity to apply for free lunches at school. To apply, your household income must be at or below listed guidelines or if your family receives food stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations. However, this year lunchContinue reading “Free lunches available to all students until end of school year”

Crumbl Cookie provides sweet treats

Nicole WrightStaff Writer The perfect combination of flour, sugar and heaven makes up Crumbl Cookie.  Co-founder Jason McGown and Sawyer Hemsley, wanted to step up the cookie industry. So in 2017, they opened a shop in Utah. After growing rapidly, they now have over 246 bakeries nationwide, including one 18 miles from Sandy across fromContinue reading “Crumbl Cookie provides sweet treats”

Students balance in-person learning and Edgenuity

Nicole WrightStaff Writer Does Edgenuity cause more stress than needed? There are many pros and cons to having a class through Edgenuity. The option of going at your own pace is convenient, but learning virtually can become a struggle. Students easily become stressed with the amount of homework being assigned daily. Additionally, having to dealContinue reading “Students balance in-person learning and Edgenuity”

Barlow victory highlights football season

Nicole WrightStaff Writer The varsity football team is off to a great start. They are already 3-1 on the season and are making history.  They faced their biggest rivals, Barlow High on Sept. 17. It’s been 21 years since Sandy has won a game against the Bruins. Knowing the game would take their all, theContinue reading “Barlow victory highlights football season”