Summer homework a nuisance for students

Devon YoderStaff Writer For most students, summer vacation is one of the best parts of the year. It’s the longest break from school, and the weather is almost constantly sunny and warm. This makes summer vacation the best time to go on a long vacation, or just relax at home. School is usually completely outContinue reading “Summer homework a nuisance for students”

Disney moves toward live-action remakes

Devon YoderStaff Writer For nearly a century, Walt Disney Animation Studios has remained on top of the animation industry. Starting with their hit 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the studio has created a large number of successful animated films, which have received an amount of awards that have yet to be matchedContinue reading “Disney moves toward live-action remakes”

Teens finally eligible for vaccine

Devon YoderStaff Writer 2020 was a disastrous year for the entire world. Covid-19 cases skyrocketed as the year progressed, and measures could only be taken to control the cases, rather than prevent them. However, 2021 sought to change all of this, as three vaccines were created that were designed to prevent Covid-19 cases. To regulateContinue reading “Teens finally eligible for vaccine”

Pioneers return to the building after over a year absence

Devon YoderStaff Writer After almost a full year of participating in school from home, the time finally came to move back to learning in the classroom. On March 29, juniors and seniors were welcomed back into the classroom. However, things weren’t exactly the same as they were when students left. Students were required to wearContinue reading “Pioneers return to the building after over a year absence”

Streaming services provide variety of offerings

Devon YoderStaff Writer Streaming services have been a staple in home entertainment for almost two decades. Starting with Netflix in 2007, the industry has exploded in popularity. This popularity came with more companies creating their own streaming services to try and share the popularity of Netflix. With so many streaming services, each with their ownContinue reading “Streaming services provide variety of offerings”

Marvel delights with ‘WandaVision’

Devon YoderStaff Writer Marvel Studios has cemented itself in the film industry as one of the most recognizable and appreciated film studios of the 21st century. Starting with 2008’s “Iron Man,” Marvel has garnered quite a bit of success from their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and attracted new fans, while pleasing old fans. Their moviesContinue reading “Marvel delights with ‘WandaVision’”

School approaches Covid-19 Anniversary

Devon YoderStaff Writer March 13, 2020 was anything but an ordinary day. On that day, it was suddenly announced that we would be out of school a week before Spring Break. From the students’ perspective, it seemed like an amazing opportunity to relax just a little bit longer. Parents saw it as a simple precautionContinue reading “School approaches Covid-19 Anniversary”