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Senior Grace Bliesner experiences life through concerts by Rebekah Harrell

Streetwear culture influences senior Eli Caraveo by Makayla Bogle

Family culture helps senior Jesse Nava persevere by Gillian Moore

Air Force awaits for senior Joey Wagner after graduation by Nicole Wright

Senior Jason Steele adjusts to life away from Southern California by Brooke Womack

Travel and the outdoors keeps junior Delaney Liebelt happy by Sydney Glover

SHS grad Griffin McAbery studies to become a firefighter by Ty Tilden

S.A.F.E. has new leader in junior Amaya Peralta by Laila Ramirez

Soccer provides environment for growth for junior Hayden Leymaster by Sydney Glover

School, sports, social life balance getting easier for junior Madison Jones by Michelle Valencia

Coaching is a way of life for Josh Dill by Ty Tilden

Social studies teacher Anouxa Vixathep escapes war torn home country as a child by Jake Oeck

Science teacher Sadie Grasle stays active through climbing and dance by Michelle Valencia

Media specialist Dana Berglund guides students through the world of literature by Laila Ramirez

Walking to and from school gives math teacher Aleta Doss a way to stay fit by Nicole Wright

‘Mrs. Crystal’ Foutz is full of positive energy for her students by Makayla Bogle

Custodian Joe Todd has rock and roll past by Nerisa Olomua

Doug Sturman works to keep SHS clean as lead custodian by Vincent White

SHS grad Samantha Frickey loves job as owner of Mt. Hood Pet Resort by Brooke Womack

Junior Cole Rotzien balances school and making ‘bomb pizzas’ by Vincent White

Travel and teaching abroad gives social studies teacher Todd DeJong perspective by Gillian Moore

Youth pastor Jerayl Develis recovers from difficult childhood by Jake Oeck

Paula Niska helps town with grieving process at Sandy Funeral Home by Rebekah Harrell