Doss stays in shape by walking to school

Nicole Wright
Staff Writer

Many students may be confused when seeing math teacher Aleta Doss walking to or from school daily as they drive by. A total of two miles each way, this is her way of getting steps in and staying active daily. 

Doss chooses to walk instead of other options such as driving or riding a bus. She walks both to and from school and has been doing this since she first started working at SHS, about 15 years ago. Although she also walked to work part of the time when she taught in the Cayman Islands and biked to work in Japan.

She prefers walking because of the fresh air and finds that it reduces stress by being in a peaceful environment.

“Walking gives me time to think about other things, enjoy the fresh air, and watch the seasons change. When driving, one must be more focused on the road and safety, than anything else,” Doss said.

Photo Gillian Moore The Pioneer Press

In addition to that, Doss has faced some knee discomfort over the years, so keeping active benefits her by continuing physical therapy exercises and strengthening her muscles.

Not many things stop Doss from walking, even on days she is tired, the routine doesn’t change. She allows herself an extra 30-40 minutes for walking in the morning, which she views as exercise time not commuting time. Though on days that the weather is not in her favor and there is heavy rain or freezing temperatures, Doss will choose to drive or have her husband drive her if he is available.

“However, I find it less stressful to walk than drive on a snowy day. Sometimes other drivers are not cautious in inclement weather which is out of my control,” Doss said.

While Doss appreciates the peaceful time walking provides, she also greatly enjoys having the company of others on her walk. Regularly, front office staffer Amy Morrison walks with her. Occasionally her husband may also.

On weekends and breaks, you can find Doss getting exercise in other ways. Biking, hiking and gardening are common for her. Doss has found enjoyment in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by these ways of keeping her body moving.

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