Water polo team improves during difficult season

Laila Ramirez
Staff Writer

With new rules to the season, the waterpolo team is facing difficulties but are seeking opportunities to play well as a team. Other teams in the 6A Mt. Hood Conference league hold exceptional club swimmers and water polo players on their team, which Sandy lacks. 

“The rules of the game have changed. Last season with COVID we weren’t allowed to touch each other so we had to keep an arms distance away from the player on the other team so this year we can have contact again. We’re good with plays but when the other team is so much stronger than you, you can’t really do much,” senior Audri Kato said.

Despite the team’s current record, they are finding positives in the situation. 

“We’re making a lot of improvements as a team, we’re working together, we’re learning how to work as a team more which I think is good. Our coach is really good about helping us learn plays and learn the sport,” Kato said. 

The next game is on Oct. 19 at 4 p.m. against Grant at Grant where they face the Generals for the second time. 

“It’s been a little difficult with the short number of players that we have but I would say that it’s going decent, it could definitely be going better,” senior Bailey Newell said. 

The girls are seeking a win in their current standing and are optimistic about the season, despite their record. 

“We’ve played eight games so far and lost every single one but I think that communication is getting better as we go along. I think that we just need to be paying more attention to the tactics of other teams and seek their weaknesses and hopefully pinpoint them,” Newell said. 

The girls varsity team carries nine players. This year is unlike many, as there is one girls varsity team and a JV co-ed team since they are short of players, specifically boys as they only have four. Their very first game was against Barlow where they lost with a final score of 12-2. The team’s most recent game against David Douglas resulted in a score of 7-1 with the Pioneers taking another loss. 

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