Podcasts offer different form of entertainment

Makayla Bogle
Staff Writer

Music, streaming programs, and social media platforms are all different forms of media that entertain and influence the youth, but what about podcasts? 

For certain age groups and audiences, a podcast may not be the most appealing option for entertainment. The influx of podcasts is intriguing to the younger generation. The same way that peers share similar tastes in music, peers are also listening to similar podcasts.

Podcasts, first known as audio blogging, have been increasing in popularity little by little over the years. At first they were purely just another news source, an outlet to spread information and media speedily. When audio blogging began to increase in popularity, and as inventions for listening began to hit shelves, podcast usage increased.

Podcasts allow people to multitask better, because instead of taking time to read a newspaper, or blog, they can absorb information without doing any work. Listening to a podcast allows a person to do something else, like schoolwork, hobbies, or household tasks. Overall podcasts help people to use their time more effectively.

 Some of the most popular podcasts that Sandy High students are listening to are titles such as “Crime Junkie,” “Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain,” “Teenager Therapy,” “H3 Podcast,” and “The Goop Podcast.” The variety of podcasts available to people at no cost is extensive. There are podcasts about almost any and every topic, ranging from advice, news, reviews, comedy, horror, and crime; the list could go on forever.

“I listen to true crime podcasts because they are really entertaining and I like learning about the psychology behind people’s behaviors and actions. Listening to a podcast is much more convenient for me than just watching a true crime documentary on TV. I can multitask while listening to podcasts,” senior Paige Carey said.

Most Sandy High students said “no” when asked if they would have listened to podcasts when they were younger. The rising popularity of podcasts is interesting, while the factors pushing students to listen to podcasts is a slight mystery. There is a possibility that podcast listening has become more appealing as students mature or gain responsibility. 

“I listen to podcasts in my car mainly, while I am driving. I also listen to them while cleaning,” Carey said.

Music, one of the most popularly accessed art forms, is extremely influential. Students view podcasts and music on different levels. Some students may feel as though podcasts carry more importance for them, while others may feel that music is more impactful.        

“I think that podcasts are just as impactful as music. Similar to music, I think that podcasts can be a form of therapy, and an outlet for escape,” junior Izac Jurgens said.

While some students feel as though podcasts serve an important purpose, such as comfort, therapy, and personalization of information, others feel the opposite.

“Personally, I don’t listen to many personal podcasts, I usually listen to more crime and supernatural related podcasts. For that reason, music is more impactful to me than podcasts,” senior Bridget Mudaliar said.

Podcasts are important to some students, and merely just a form of entertainment for others. 

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