DECA partners with Graphic Arts club to market PioGear

DECA is our school business club.   At first it doesn’t sound too exciting. I mean high school is about fun not business right? But really, once you get into the club it is really fun. So far this year in DECA we have partnered with the Graphic Arts Design club to create our own business and brand, PioGear.

This store represents school pride and you can buy our own Student/Teacher created merch by click the link here.

PioGear is a great way for you and your families to represent SHS. With missing so much in person school this year we have lost a lot of school spirit so wearing the brand can help to raise emotions throughout the school. 

Besides the store, Evelyn Lawyer and Jamari Roethe have competed in the DECA State Career Development Conference (SCDC) and the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). In SCDC the results were: Principles Of Marketing (PMK) 5th place     Evelyn 7th place     Jamari Principles of Hospitality (PHT) 18th place    Evelyn Entrepreneurship Individual Series (ENT) 22nd place    Jamari

They have both worked really hard to finish this high as a freshman.  We all hope that next year we will be able to get back into a normal school mode so that we can once again be more active.  We hope to bring back participation in the Nike Believe to Achieve conference and Moda Center Sports Business Day events.  If you are interested in having an active role in the life in and outside of school, then consider becoming a DECA member and get involved.  We would love some extra hands as we continue to expand.

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