Summer homework a nuisance for students

Devon Yoder
Staff Writer

For most students, summer vacation is one of the best parts of the year. It’s the longest break from school, and the weather is almost constantly sunny and warm. This makes summer vacation the best time to go on a long vacation, or just relax at home. School is usually completely out of the question during the summer. However, this isn’t always the case. Some classes require students to do homework during the summer. This can range from reading a book, to completing a large amount of assignments.

Fortunately not every class requires summer homework. It’s primarily required for advanced classes, such as Advanced English, or AP World History. While it makes sense that these advanced classes would require extra homework to be done, having this homework be done during the summer can make people feel less inclined to sign up for the class.

If students are joining a class unaware of any summer homework, this also creates problems. Since the homework is being assigned over the summer, students won’t feel as inclined to finish it right away. This introduces a major problem that affects students during the school year, which is procrastination. Summer homework makes this problem worse, by giving students three whole months to work on it. This makes procrastinators feel less inclined to work on it right away. However, as the next school year quickly approaches, procrastinators find themselves rushing to get it all done in time. This adds unnecessary stress to the project, and can affect the quality of the final product, regardless of how hard they worked to get it done at the last minute.

One of the biggest problems with summer homework is that there is little to no reward for completing it. If this homework was assigned during the school year as a long project, it would have just as much of an effect on the students’ grades. If summer homework had some sort of extra effect on students’ grades, such as counting towards extra credit, or even adding an extra half-credit to students’ transcript, then it wouldn’t be quite as bad.

That being said, summer homework isn’t entirely a bad thing. There are some benefits to dealing with summer homework. One such example is that it gives students an idea of the kind of assignments they’ll have to complete during the school year. This can get rid of some stress that might be caused by not knowing what to expect from the next year.

One of the best benefits of summer homework is how it can sort out students who are willing to put time and effort into all of their advanced work. While some students won’t approve of the prospect of being assigned homework over the summer, there will be some students who enjoy the idea of getting more advanced homework. While the advanced class size will be reduced, it will be primarily filled with students who are willing to do the more advanced work teachers will be assigning to them.

Summer homework can be a nuisance at times, and stressful for some students. Despite that, it’s hard to overlook the benefits it can have on both students, and the classes themselves. The main point of summer homework is not necessarily to force schoolwork onto students during their longest break from school. Instead, it’s to separate students who are dedicated to finishing school work on time from those who are only casually interested in doing it. This can be problematic for students who are unaware of summer homework prior to joining the class, but overall, the benefits  outweigh the disadvantages. Summer homework isn’t necessarily looked at fondly by most students, but it does a great job at accomplishing the purpose it serves, so there’s no sign of summer homework going away anytime soon.

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