Sports Update: Girls Basketball

Vincent White
Staff Writer

On Jan. 21 the Varsity girls’ basketball team went up against Gresham. In short, Sandy did pretty well. At 49-14, this game was great win for the Sandy team. “I believe that we equally participated in this win and that is what makes it a good one,” junior Sydney Brewster said. “Playing against Gresham was a pretty fun game. All the girls had good sportsmanship for the most part, our team played a good game and towards the end we had great rotations, giving everyone the opportunity to put some points up!”

While this game wasn’t close and Gresham was beaten by quite a large margin, the team still learned from it. “This game, just like any other, is just an opportunity for us to progress as a team and I think that is what it did for us because we are headed in the right direction, one game at a time,“ Brewster also said.

On Jan. 25, Sandy went against Reynolds in what was at first a close but ultimately great win for the girls’ varsity team at 57-43. “Throughout the first half of the game, Reynolds came out with a lower focused zone making it harder to get the ball to the inside where our bigs were at,” Junior Grace Lucky said.

“I’d say there was never the thought of losing but wondering when the team would start to pick up the pace and start playing more aggressive as a team rather than all individually playing,” junior Grace Lucky said. The team worked well with each other this game and are working together to further improve.

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