Online shopping continues to spike during pandemic

Makayla Bogle
Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19, many people have resorted to shopping online instead of in-person. With new advances in technology emerging daily, resources online are more accessible now than ever. 

Online shopping has plenty of perks. Shopping online is convenient, time efficient, and extends resources, as items are able to be purchased from across the world. Many Sandy students appreciate the benefits of shopping online, emphasizing the convenience as their favorite perk of shopping online.

“I prefer online because most of the stores I shop at aren’t around here, as we live in Sandy and it’s pretty far from major stores,” senior Simon Smith said.

It’s not only teenagers who prefer to spend money online rather than in-person. Many teachers favor online shopping as well, due to the convenience once again.

“I prefer online shopping, especially because with services like Amazon I am able to get things delivered the very next day, so that I don’t have to drive all the way into Gresham or Clackamas to get my stuff,” vice principal Andrea Miller said.

Even though online shopping wins for convenience, there is still a broad amount of people who prefer to shop inside of stores rather than online. One of the most important benefits of shopping in stores was reportedly the variety made available when you shop in person. For stores made to be visited in person, the online sites often lack variety as items go back in stock, or out of stock.

“I prefer in person shopping because I can actually feel the material of the clothes I’m buying, I can see what they really look like, and I can actually try them on. It’s nice because if I don’t like it I can just put it back instead of having to go through a long return process,” senior Ella Davis said.

That same logic seems to be a reoccurring thought for those who favor in-person shopping over shopping online. It’s important to them that they get the right items that they really want.

“In general, I prefer to shop in person so that I know that I am getting what I really want to get, however if I already know what I want to get then I usually just buy it online,” media specialist Dana Bergland said.

Purchasing groceries online has gone up in popularity since the pandemic, and some faculty find that buying groceries online is a great convenience. In general, online shopping was greatly appreciated during the beginning and peak of the pandemic, as it helped to ensure social distancing and limit exposures.

“I never bought groceries online until the pandemic, and now the convenience of just driving up and having them put the bags in my trunk has changed that. I still do some small grocery shopping in person, so If I just need a couple of things I will run in to the store, however when I do a lot of grocery shopping I do it all online,” Bergland said.      

Grocery stores have made it relatively easy to purchase all that one would need online, and by employing people to help get those orders out it has become a beneficial cycle for almost everyone. Although some find it helpful, others prefer to pick out their own goods in person.

“I do not grocery shop online. I tried it once and all of my produce had soft spots, or weren’t the best of the bunch. I am very picky about that kind of stuff, so that’s why I don’t buy groceries online,” Miller said.

Both students and staff enjoy the benefits of both in-person shopping and online, however most have a solid preference based on the pros and cons of both options.

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