Students make travel plans for Spring Break

Laila Ramirez
A&E Editor

While many SHS students travel within state boundaries over Spring Break, some students travel to extraordinary destinations that stand apart from your average trip to the beach. 

Junior Landon Davis is among one of these students who is traveling to an extraordinary location. He and his family are visiting the exotic town of Tamarindo, which is a town located in the Guanacaste Province on the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica and is particularly known for it’s high engagement in surfing.

“This is way different than going to your local water park or something, I think it beats a lot of other spring break activities in fun,” Davis said.

The average direct flight time from PDX to Costa Rica is usually seven hours but can be as long as nine. It is a fairly popular spot for tourists looking to snorkel, surf, dive, and observe marine life such as the nesting leatherback turtles that are a prominent attraction. These turtles remain on the coast of Tamarindo from October to mid-May and are found in fairly large numbers. 

While Davis is there for 10 days with his family, he is “most excited for the food and learning how to surf. They have mostly Mexican food down there which I enjoy a lot.”

While some students are traveling many hours away, some are staying close. Senior Ruby Paulsen is one of those who is headed to Seaside on the Oregon Coast. 

“I’m going to Seaside because my friend and I thought it’d be fun to go for the week. My favorite part of going is definitely the hikes and the sights to see at the coast,” senior Ruby Paulsen said.  Many students are headed to interesting places over the five day break from March 21-25.

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