Snowboarders compete at State this week

Nicole Wright
Staff Writer

Snowboarders are preparing themselves to take on State March 9-12 in four different events, Banked Slalom, Boardercross, Slope-style and Halfpipe. 

Although the list of students to qualify has not been released yet, most riders have a good idea if they will be competing or not. State participants are chosen based on scores from two events during the season.

“I made State when I was a freshman and am pretty positive that I will this year. I’ve been competing in other league competitions my whole life, United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association mostly, which has prepared me,” junior Gavin Baillie said. “I have also been working on a couple tricks for slopestyle and am excited to see where they take me during State. I’m looking forward to competing in State with my other teammates.”

Riders don’t know what to expect until the day comes, State provides a whole new group of both competitors and judges. Although that may be scary, most nerves don’t kick in for riders until they are about to drop in. 

“Sandy only has four girls on their snowboard team this year so I expect to make it for all three events. I’m both nervous and excited but will prepare by getting as much practice time with the coaches as possible before then,” senior Lucy Tognetti said.
The snowboard team looks forward to the turnout this weekend.

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