Holiday events adapt to restrictions

Vanessa Lemke
Staff Writer

This holiday season has been quite chaotic with Covid-19 putting restrictions on many holiday activities. Despite these restrictions, there are still many things to do and places to go over the holidays.

Since the traditional Zoo Lights involve walking around and being around a lot of people, the Oregon Zoo has updated the experience, allowing people to view the lights from their car. Tickets must be purchased online in advance and run from $50-$65 per car depending on the date you visit. The drive-thru Zoo Lights will be available through Jan. 10. They even offer pre-ordered snacks that will be ready for you when you drive up.

The in-car light experience is nothing new at Winter Wonderland Portland, a drive thru light show at the Portland International Raceway. This is the largest light show in the west of the Mississippi. Cars drive around the decorated raceway, these decorations are life-size and larger. Huge candy canes, reindeer, displays of lights hovering over your car and many more colorful displays appear as you drive around the raceway. Ticket costs are per car and range in price depending on the day you plan to go. Monday through Thursday tickets cost $28, Fridays and Sundays tickets cost $33, and on Saturdays, tickets cost $39. These tickets are available online-only from now to Jan. 2.

Even just driving or walking around the neighborhood to see the lights neighbors and others put up can give a similar experience.

A free drive-by/walk through light show in Portland is also available at the front lawn of the Apostolic Faith Church Campground. The lights will be on every day from dusk to dawn till the end of the year. Seasonal music will be playing from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. each day as well. This event also has the tallest decorated Christmas tree in Southeast Portland.

Holiday activities don’t have to be just going out, you can also do many activities in your own home, such as baking cookies, from scratch or from the store. The New York Times just listed their “28 Best Christmas Cookies” with ingredients and step by step directions on how to make each one if you’re in need of some good cookie recipes from scratch. Adding Christmas colored sprinkles and cookie toppings can give a more festive feel to making cookies. Decorating around the house or helping others decorate their homes can be a rewarding and fun activity as well. 

Family or friend movie nights is another great activity to do. Some good Christmas themed movies to watch could be, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Home Alone,” “The Polar Express,” “Elf,” and “Christmas with the Kranks.”

Even making or buying gifts for friends and family is an activity anyone can do this holiday season. Remember to stay safe and remain aware of the people around you and their safety especially around this time. Happy holidays.

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