Students suggest new restaurants for Sandy

Emmily McKinzie
Assistant Editor 

One downfall of living in a small town is there are not many options as far as restaurants go. If students had a choice there would probably be more than just your average burger joint and Chinese takeout. Not to mention when you are tired and in the mood for something other than those two, having to drive a ways just to get the food you want is not the ideal.

Seniors Rachel Urback and Reese Rund both agreed that if they could add any restaurant in  Sandy it would be Red Robin. 

 “No one can top their strawberry lemonade and endless fries,” Rund said. 

Like Red Robin’s fries, Olive Garden’s breadsticks are also endless and this appeals to students who may be on a budget. Junior Cheyanna Pratt would rather have Olive Garden’s to-die-for breadsticks.

“I would add Olive Garden because they have the best breadsticks. I wouldn’t leave,” Pratt said. 

Olive Garden is definitely something a lot of people would agree on if they could add it in Sandy. Sandy could use some more Italian options; you can never have too many. Especially if you are in the mood for some good Italian food or if you want to order 12 dozen breadsticks to go. Whatever it is, it will be close by and convenient. 

On a fresher note, another popular restaurant students would want in Sandy is a sushi restaurant.

“A sushi restaurant, Sandy does not have the greatest options for eating healthy. Sushi is super good for you and is a much better choice than McDonalds or Taco Bell. Plus I just love sushi!,” senior Ashley Alex said. 

Although pasta and burgers are good comfort food, sometimes being able to have access to fresher and healthier food is nice when you are in the mood for something light. 

However, when it comes to dessert places, Sandy really only has one of them. Senior Mason Buxton would rather have a Cold Stone in Sandy. 

“I would add Coldstone so I do not have to drive all the way out to Gresham,” Buxton said. 

Although Sandy does have their own ice cream shop, sometimes two is better than one and Coldstone would be just the addition to add. Each student has their own idea of what they would add, if students were in charge of what restaurants they would start, it’s guaranteed we would be having access to some really good food close by.

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