Barlow victory highlights football season

Nicole Wright
Staff Writer

The varsity football team is off to a great start. They are already 3-1 on the season and are making history. 

They faced their biggest rivals, Barlow High on Sept. 17.

It’s been 21 years since Sandy has won a game against the Bruins. Knowing the game would take their all, the Pios won 14-7. With 1:30 left, Junior Leithan Thompson made the game-winning interception.

Barlow had scored over 40 points in their previous few games, so holding them to seven was impressive.

“After watching lots of film, we saw Barlow’s plan to have people ready for attack. We made adjustments to keep them away and had more adjustments ready when they realized we had them,” defensive coach Wade Locket said. 

After taking a victory against the Bruins, the team is more than ready for the rest of the season.

Thompson has stood out this season, playing tight end on offense and safety on defense. 

“The team has good rhythm together and plays tougher than past years because we’re all into it together,” Thompson said. 

The Pios took their first loss of the season against Central Catholic on Sept. 25. The Pioneers tried their best, but Central is in first place in the league and ranked fourth in the state. The ending score was 41-0. 

On Oct. 7, the Pioneers took on Gresham at Gresham High School, defeating the varsity team 58-35. Gresham is currently 1-3 and in seventh place in the league.

Friday night will be the homecoming game against Nelson. Nelson is currently 2-4 and sixth place in the league.

Other upcoming games will include Clackamas and David Douglas.

“I expect most of the upcoming teams to be pretty easy, but we will still work just as hard and hopefully we’ll do damage in the playoffs,” junior Garrett Willenberg said.

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